App Review – TheSea

If you love to spend time by the sea and always look for new beautiful spots by the sea to visit, nowadays with the right app you can find all the best spots. That’s why we looked and we found one app that offers all of this for sea lovers that like to discover the best spots by the sea. So, read more about TheSea.

What is TheSea?

TheSea is a travel app developed for IOS and Android users. It’s designed for lovers of the sea and sea activities in Ireland. Easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly, it offers a step-by-step guide. Navigate through pinning spots for surfing, swimming, and coastal walking. Use it to find pins, save your favorite spots, and even contribute to helping others discover wonderful sea places in Ireland. 

Why Do We Love it?

This app offers variety of features for sea lovers that like to spend time on the sea and enjoy many sea activities. It helps you navigate through many pinning spots and discover beautiful places to visit. Through the app’s ‘’Activity’’ icon you can find a map of swimming spots all around Ireland. You can also use the ‘’Pin Drop’’ to add new places on the map. 

When you find a swimming spot, you can click on the pin and access all live conditions related to it. Contribute and share your wisdom by writing into the active and open wikis. Add to the history and share your point of view. Also, save all your favorite spots along with favorite blogs and podcasts from the app’s seapod. 

All the pins are adaptable and dynamic and contain all the information you need to choose the right spot. The app offers categories such as activities, culture, environment, and advocacy for you to stay on track and informed. Find events and listen to podcasts related to the sea. Learn more about the sea and how can help your well-being with this app.

So, download the app now on App Store or Google Play to navigate and find the right spot by the sea!