CalcKit – The Powerful All-In-One Calculator

There are apps nowadays for all your daily calculation and conversion needs, To help you solve all kinds of simple calculations, unit conversions and other issues with ease. We looked and we found one all-in-one calculator for all your needs. Read more about CalcKit.  

What is CalcKit? 

CalcKit is a powerful all-in-one calculator that is developed for Android users. It’s easy to use and convenient tool that offers calculators and converters for all kinds of math, electronics, finance issues, and more. From simple calculations to unit and currency conversions, percentages, volumes, and other.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This calculator offers variety of features for all your daily needs. Offers over 150 free calculators and unit converters. It has a highly customizable scientific calculator for instant results. This app has memory buttons and a floating calculator widget.

The tools will help you with algebra, geometry, electronics, finance, unit converting, mics while offering a smart search for fast navigation. On the app there are custom calculators for creating tools that suit your needs. There are 25 variables per calculator and detailed tutorial with examples.  

It offers percentage, proportion, average, equation, fraction, prime number and many more calculators. Furthermore, it offers many geometry calculators for all your needs. For your electronics needs there are many different calculators and transformers available. Also, there are many finance converters and calculators too. Convert units, use a date calculator, time calculator, analytical geometry calculator and more.  
So, download the app now on Google Play to use an all-in-one calculator and converter! 

Google Play Download Link: CalcKit