ClipyCam Is A Groundbreaking Video Recording App for iOS That Saves Time

ClipyCam app video recording editor

Everyone knows that when it comes to video recording, the iPhone stock camera app is limited. Whenever you need to pause a video recording, you need to stop it and continue with a new video. Not only it doesn’t offer a pause feature, but it doesn’t allow to make separate clips from the main video. For that and many other helpful features ClipyCam, a new app we discovered on the App Store, can be of extreme help.

Video recorder for iPhone that can pause videos

Feature-rich recording editor

ClipyCam is a video recording app that offers a variety of handy features that save time and make a recording of videos and events much easier. Not only you can pause recordings (the app automatically stops the recording when you receive unexpected calls too) and continue where you left, but you can also snap photos, delay videos add recording timers for touchless recording, and much more.

Saves Time and Hassle

If you are recording events or make movies and vlogs, ClipyCam can save you tremendous time. When you start the recording, you will see a clear timer of your main video. Then you can snap photos, or create clips that will be separated from the main video recording. You can use this handy feature to create highlights, separate chapters/important parts from a video, and more.

The camera recording app is also powerful allowing you to use both cameras, set resolution, add slow motion. You can also record in portrait or landscape, add time-lapse, and more! Besides that, you can set detailed timers for your recording, which allows for seamless touch-less recording. The app creates separate files for your main video recording, photos, and clips. You can easily edit each media, add details such as location and use them for your projects.

If you are looking to replace the limited iPhone camera and record events, vlogs, or movies like a pro, ClipyCam is a must-try.