PDFBear: Best Keyword To A Complete PDF Software in 2021

Are you looking for complete software that can solve all your PDF problems? Here’s your best keyword this year! PDFBear is the leading PDF site on the internet today. PDFBear offers more than twenty tools that you can use 100% for free! Who doesn’t like free offers?

With PDFBear, anyone can guarantee the best-quality result whatever tools they need. Moreover, PDFBear is incredibly designed to make any process easier and faster with all the superior technologies that support the software and its tools. 

You can now start repairing, compressing, merging, and decrypting your PDF files with PDFBear using these guidelines. 

Repair Any Corrupted Files In Seconds

Knowing that an important PDF file has been corrupted is a huge problem. You cannot retrieve whatever is in the document until it’s fixed. That is why having a tool that can back you up anytime is vital. The PDF Repair tool by PDFBear is the best option to deal with the situation. 

The tool is supported by the newest technology that will try to recover your damaged file and restore it into a functional document again. The good thing is, you can have access to this tool anytime and anywhere through the cloud system. 

Once you get connected, it will then be easy for you to follow these steps and get your file back to its workable shape as soon as possible.  

  • First, you need to choose the damaged file and upload it to their server by clicking the “Select files” tab. 
  • Second, let the repairing tool analyze your file. 
  • Third, wait for a few moments to finish the process. Though sometimes damaged files cannot be instantly fixed in a single attempt, the repairing tool will not make it any worse. 
  • Fourth and last, once the process has been successfully done, then you can download your newly restored PDF file. 

Start Reducing Your File Size

Creating webmails won’t be as easy if you have large files to attach. The best thing for you to do is to reduce the size primarily. With that, you can rely on PDFBear to do all the work for you. PDFBear’s Compressor Tool allows you to compress up to 70% of the entire file without compromising its quality and format. 

Here’s the four-step process to file size reduction:

  • Step 1. Select the file that you want to compress. Upload it on their server by clicking the “Select Files”tab. 
  • Step 2. Then, choose from the available options on how you prefer to compress your file. 
  • Step 3. From there, the tool will then do the rest of the work for you. 
  • Step 4. After a few moments, do the last step by downloading your newly compressed PDF file. Save it on your computer or share it on your Google Drive.  

Efficient Merging Of Multiple Files

Do you have too many PDF files piled up on your computer, but you still cannot get rid of them? Well, you just need to reorganize these files by merging them into one file. PDFBear offers you the tool for free. 

Is this tool accessible on all platforms? Yes, using Windows, Android, or Linux in accessing the tool is not an issue at all. All you need is a functional device and an internet connection. To merge files, you need to follow these four steps correctly. 

  • Step 1. Upload multiple PDF files on PDFBear’s server. Press the “Select Files” tab to get started.
  • Step 2. Let the merging tool analyze and scan the text from the files.
  • Step 3. Wait for a few moments to complete the merging process. 
  • Step 4. Download the file and save it to your computer. 

Decrypting Password-Protected Files

Setting up a password to your PDF file is a smart idea to keep the information private and safe from unwanted individuals. However, some average users find it hassle to keep typing a password whenever they want to access the file. 

To solve the problem, you might want PDFBear to remove the password for you. Here is the straightforward way to unlock your file in no time:

  • Upload a password-protected file by simply dragging and dropping it directly to PDFBear’s server. 
  • Then enter the correct code of the file.
  • From there, press the “Unlock PDF” button and wait for a moment.
  • Download the successfully unlocked PDF file and save it on your computer. 


Here’s the final verdict, these tools are indeed a big help for you whenever you need to fix an issue with your PDF. Most importantly, using PDFBear saves you a lot of effort, time, and money. Visit the main site and learn to use more tools right now!