Top 5 Reasons PDFBear Is the Top Converter Tool in 2021

You probably have a lot of needs and wants in your life that only technology has the power to provide. You can no longer attend classes without the use of a smartphone. And more importantly, you can’t submit requirements online without the use of digital documents. 

As a student in the 21st century, you now own books, lecture materials, and reports in PDF. It’s one way of reducing school-related expenses. However, did you notice the limitations when using PDF? It will not allow you to update the information contained in the file. It’s because of its nature to provide read-only documents. So to overcome this challenge, you have to make it into a new file format, such as Word. It is a popular type of document that permits you to edit the content as much as you want. To transform PDF to Word without wasting time, use PDFBear. 

How to convert PDF to Word on PDFBear?

Online tools that can convert PDF to Word should not take days before they can provide you with the new version of the file. If you are looking for a tool that performs the conversion process within minutes, then PDFBear is the best choice. Below are the easy steps you should take to make use of its converter tool successfully.

Step 1. Upload the PDF document

For the conversion to begin, there is a need to upload the file on its server. You can do it by clicking the select a file button. It will allow you to get the document from your device. Another option you have is by dragging and dropping the file on the toolbox. 

Step 2. The converter will extract the document

After uploading the document, the converter will immediately extract its pages. There would appear two options before you can proceed with the conversion. For users using the service for free, you only have the option of converting the document to Word. But if you own a pro-account, you have the privilege to convert Word with OCR. 

Step 3. Download the Word file

Once the website finishes the process, it will allow you to download the nicely formatted Word document on your device. You can then make the modifications you intend to do.

The top converter tool to use

PDFBear is a website that provides many tools to organize, optimize, and manipulate documents. It can convert your PDF to Word with an app to install. It will also not force you to subscribe to its monthly plan. This tool offers all of its services, even if you only have a free account. Below are a few reasons you should make it your permanent converter tool.

Hassle-free conversion process

When looking for online tools to convert documents, you must take note of their process. It is to avoid wasting time and facing unnecessary inconveniences. For sure, you don’t want to use a tool that will add to your stress, instead of reducing it.

With PDFBear, you will experience a hassle-free conversion process that is ideal for students. It will only take a few seconds to convert PDF to Word. In this way, you will have enough time to add or delete information on the converted document. It will allow you to update the file without worrying if you can submit it on time.

Converter tool with a user-friendly interface

The online tool has a simple user interface that beginners can easily understand. It is not like software that needs mastery to perform different tasks. If you try visiting the website, you would know that you can easily navigate your way to the converter tool. You don’t need anyone’s help to make it work. 

PDFBear placed all the tools it offers in one place. They are all divided into different categories depending on their purpose. For instance, converting documents to PDF is under the convert to PDF tool. While transforming them back to their original file format is under the convert from PDF tool. You can also find the repair and compress PDF under the optimize PDF category.

Converter tool with high-quality outputs

You should only use a converter tool that can provide high-quality converted documents. It is to ensure the readability of its content. Besides that, it will prevent you from facing any technical issues.

With the use of PDFBear, all texts in the original file format are available on their new version. Its quality assures you that all pages, images, and pictures are clear. It becomes possible because the website partnered with powerful software, known as Solid-Framework.

Safe converter tool

You must consider the security of online tools before you finally decide to use them. Some converters present today don’t have the capability of protecting your files from hackers, malware, and viruses. It means that there is a chance that your files can land on unauthorized persons. Sometimes, it becomes unrecoverable because of the effect of viruses.

The safety of your uploaded files is the utmost priority of PDFBear. There is nothing to worry about data invasion or damaged files because it uses a 256-bit encryption system. It will permanently make your file inaccessible to its server after an hour of uploading them. By the time you leave the website, you are confident that no one can steal your files.

A highly accessible converter tool

You should consider the level of accessibility of online tools, aside from safety, quality, and type of interface. PDFBear has a high level of accessibility that will allow you to perform the conversion process anytime your situation calls for it. You can always visit this webpage by just using your device’s browser. You can use any gadget to access it because it is compatible with all operating systems, such as Mac and Windows. 


As you continue to learn online, the more that you will realize the need to use the best online tool, namely PDFBear. It will make you handle your digital files as efficiently as possible through its reliable, safe, and accessible features. You will no longer need to worry about converting and editing documents instantly. It will let you do all these tasks in just a few clicks on your device’s screen.