Guided By Glow: Provocative Audio to Awaken your Sensuality

Meditating is a way for you to relax and stay calm. Meditation doesn’t have to be done when you’re feeling stress or anxiety, it can be part of your daily routine. Just an hour a day of meditation can greatly improve your life. That improvement can be for mental wellness, soul wellness and even sexuality. This is where the app Guided By Glow comes in and is designed to help women connect more to their sexuality regardless of their sexual preferences.

Guided By Glow empowers women sexuality with different erotic sounds and stories that are written and narrated by storytellers and creators. The app allows you to take an adventure, away from the stressful and busy life. There are new contents added on a weekly basis so you can keep the mediation going daily. There are over 40 immersive sessions to go through with between 10-20 minutes each to meditate to.

“Guided by Glow seeks to elevate sexual wellness through guided meditation soundscapes designed to ignite the imagination. Where other erotic audio apps focus on sexual education and familiarity with the physical body, founder Sayra Player created Guided by Glow in an effort to awaken desires with meditation and relaxation at the core of pleasure exploration and transcendence.”

When you download the app you have to create an account. You will have the option for a 7 day trial of the app but you will need to choose a plan. Either annually which cost $47.99 or monthly cost $8.99. You do get unlimited access to all the sessions.

The app is free to download. There are a couple of sessions which are available for free as well. You can download Guided By Glow from App Store and Google Play store.