Life Simulator – The Text-Based Role-Playing Game

The best mobile role-playing games feature engrossing stories, wide-open worlds and complex systems. If you are looking for a role-playing game where you get to build a life and live as you want, experiencing a realistic life simulation, we looked and we found one text-based role-playing game for you to try. Read more about Life Simulator.  

What is Life Simulator? 

Life Simulator is a text-based role-playing game that is developed for IOS users. Easy to play and super fun, this game offers amazing graphics and cool sounds to enjoy. It offers you a realistic life simulator that can take you on many adventures. Start building your life from scratch, discover, explore, improve and enjoy the adventures with this simulation game.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This text-based role-playing game offers variety of features to enjoy. There are lots of items available to affect the game differently, some unique and hard to find. You can choose between many career options with different series of events. Make decisions that will affect your progress in life.  

Gain lots of skills while playing that will change your life quality. Improve your abilities by taking courses, reading books and working. More skills you gain, more successful you will become. Try different items and professions, go to places and discover. There are many unique actions in this simulation.   

In the game, there are many places you can visit, some hidden and for you to find. Visit bars, parks, banks and more. Actions will change based on the location. Even meet zombies by spending enough time in the cemetery. Each year in the simulation lasts 20 days, to move to the next day just push the hour button. No limit, live as long as you want, however you want in this life simulation. 

Download the game now on App Store to experience a realistic life simulation! 

App Store Download Link: Life Simulator