Lucky Dollar – The Scratch Off App for Winning Real Money and Prizes

There are many apps and ways nowadays online for winning real money and prizes. However, if you are looking for a classical lottery scratcher to test out your luck, play, scratch, and win real cash, we looked and we found one scratch off app that requires no purchases, scratch for free and win big. Read more about Lucky Dollar.  

What is Lucky Dollar? 

Lucky Dollar is a scratch off app that is developed for Android users, soon available for IOS users too. It’s an easy to use and super fun app that allows you to win real money, gift cards, and prizes. No purchases needed, it’s free to play. Test your luck by playing free lottery scratcher to win real money. Get lucky and hit the jackpot to win big.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This scratch off app offers you variety of features and multiple ways to win money. More you scratch, higher chances to win daily giveaways and other prizes. There are also flash and monthly giveaways too regularly on top of random free rewards daily.  

It provides you with instant wins in real money, gift cards, and cash prizes through free scratch off cards, raffles, sweepstakes and giveaways. Also, there are premium VIP scratch cards with real chances to win thousand dollars. The app offers the lowest redemption, only 1.00$ minimum to redeem coins.  

Win with each money game available on this app with real chances and odds. Earn coins by completing offers of coins, as another way to redeem real money and gifts. Enter daily, weekly, and monthly sweepstakes and keep an eye on flash giveaways and happy hours. Cash balance can be redeemed at $50 and the app always pays out, redeem your winnings via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.  

Download the app now on Google Play to play money games and win real cash and prizes! 
Google Play Download Link: Lucky Dollar