New Features of iPadOS 15

The iPadOS 15 has been highly anticipated and Apple made it official in this year’s WWDC event. Whether it’s worth the wait or a letdown, it’s your personal decision. Here are new features of the new operating system:

iPadOS 15

Improved multitasking

iPadOS 15 comes with improved multitasking menu that makes it easier to enable Slide Over and enter Split view. Users can still use previous gestures. Instead of only from the dock, users can now add to Slide Over or Split View from the home screen. During the event, Apple showed that users can open a link in email in the Mail and it worked seamlessly with the Split View arrangement. If this capability is available for all apps, it would be easier and quicker to do multitasking tasks. It would take less effort and time to switch between screens and apps. Shelf is a useful new multitasking feature that allows you to switch quickly between open apps in the background. As an example, it is easy to switch between multiple instances of Safari through the Shelf.

Improved Notes app

Now, Notes app supports mentions and Quick Note is a new feature. Users can enable Quick Note by dragging the Apple Pencil to the centre of the screen. Users can jot down anytime and anything. It’s a quite useful and fun app to use, especially for students and professionals. It also integrates well with Safari and other apps. When you are in Safari and open the Quick Note, there will be a suggestion to add the active webpage’s URL to the note. It’s very easy to copy and paste text from the webpage to the note.

iPadOS 15

Widgets on home screen

As expected, iPadOS 15 finally allows us to put favourite widgets on the home screen. Previously, the only way to use widgets is only in Today View. In iPadOS15, Today View is not immediately visible, you need to swipe the screen to the right to show it. It is very convenient to move around widgets on the screen. Widget picker is now much wider and more improved. Adjusting widget size is easier and more intuitive to do.

App Library

App Library is previously available on the iPhone and it’s now present in iPadOS 15. You may easily drag and drop apps on the home screen easily. It is another feature that further improves the multitasking performance of iPadOS 15. If you want apps to open in Slide Over or to enter in Split View, App Library can be immensely useful.

Live Text feature

In Photos app, there’s a new feature called Live Text that can digitally read any text in the photo. If you download a photo from the Internet or you took it yourself, the feature intelligently allows you to select, copy and translate the text. If it’s a phone number, you can select it to send a text message or make voice call. If you often manage bills and invoices, this feature can be potentially useful in any personal or professional function.