What We Should Expect From iPhone 13?

We will get the brand-new Apple iPhone 13 in just a couple of months and we already have heard a barrage of rumours, as well as leaks about the device. We could expect to see some key upgrades that differentiate the new iPhone, compared to its predecessors.

iphone 13

Better battery life

You should expect to see bigger battery capacity, which will contribute to longer operational time on a single charge. The more efficient A15 Bionic chipset and LTPO OLED display may also help in improving the overall battery life. We were disappointed to see that the iPhone 12 has less battery capacity than the iPhone 11, although the actual battery life remains satisfactory due to a number of optimizations. This could also mean that the iPhone 13 may have thicker design.

Higher refresh rate

While many Android devices, even some budget models, already have at least 90Hz refresh rate, the iPhone 12 series still have 60Hz refresh rate. With its powerful A15 Bionic processor, we could be sure that the iPhone 13 could give us high frame rates when playing games. High refresh rate ensures more fluid gameplay and more enjoyable experience. The better battery life could anticipate for higher frame rates. Fortunately, the LTPO OLED display technology is known for its efficiency. It shouldn’t be too surprising if the iPhone 13 has 120Hz display that will fluctuate dynamically, as an example when showing static interface, such as when users read websites and check photos. This means, frame rate will jump high only when we play games with the iPhone 13.

Mindboggling performance

The iPhone 12 with its A14 Bionic chipset already gives us unsurpassed performance. The Apple A15 Bionic will be based on 5nm manufacturing technology and TSMC will produce it for Apple. However, with the current shortage of semiconductor, we would see if Apple will manage to produce enough iPhone 13 for global demand. Technically, the A15 Bionic will deliver solid performance over its predecessor. The improved miniaturisation should guarantee better efficiency and stronger performance.

Touch ID

It is possible that we will see the return of Touch ID for login and authentication. It is a basic requirement for us to continue wearing face mask and removing it is unacceptable in many situations. This means, Face ID may have problem identifying the user’s face and it’s inconvenient to open the mask in a cramped metro train. The Touch ID is a solution in a post-pandemic lifestyle. However, Apple may provide a more improved Touch ID solution and it could be an under-display implementation. This will keep the iPhone 13 stylish with its sleek design.

iphone 13

Better camera

Everyone knows that current Apple iPhone models offer impressive camera quality. It is possible that the iPhone 13 will take us one step further. The current Apple iPhone 12 has a camera with f/2.4 aperture and the venerable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo told us recently that the iPhone 13 will have f/1.8 aperture, which ensures reduced noise and sharper results. Physical lens elements of the iPhone 13 will be six, instead of five for the iPhone 12.