New Features of Safari in iOS 15

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 13 with iOS 15 later this year. The new software will offer us many features and the Safari web browser will be enhanced. The revamp includes these improvements:


In terms of privacy leaders, Apple is leading in the mobile industry and with each new iOS version, there are new enhancements. The current Safari version has ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) feature, which blocks third-party cookies used by advertisers. With the iOS 15, the Safari web browser will have integrated VPN module and it will hide your IP address. It will be harder for trackers to accurately pinpoint your exact location. This is an important feature to ensure that you remain safe while browsing the web and accessing websites with login authentication.


Just like web browsers for PC, Safari in iOS 15 will have support for extensions to improve capability and enhance customisability. You will have the ability to add any new feature that doesn’t originally come with the Safari and it should make your life so much easier.

Change background

The new Safari version allows you to change the background and this enhance the customisability option significantly. As an example, you can choose any image you get from the Internet or an image you took with the camera. Using the iCloud, you can sync the background, so they will be similar across your other devices.

Improved tab bar

The tab bar is now at the bottom of Safari tabs and with your thumb, it is easier to access the functions. You don’t have to change the position of your hand while you are browsing. If you want to hide the tab bar from view, you only need to flick it down.

Group tabs

Organising tabs will be easier in the new Safari version with Group tabs. You may assign tabs into specific categories. Although you have 25 tabs open, they should be much easier to manage than before. Reduced clutter means an increase in productivity.  

View closed tabs

If you closed tabs recently, you can view them again. Long press the + button that’s used to open new tabs. This prevents you from closing an important tab and losing crucial information.

Easier refresh

With the new web browser, it is easier to refresh a tab. Just like on Twitter, you only need to pull down if your want to refresh. If you are using the iPhone 13 one-handed, it is easy to refresh a tab with your tab.

New settings

Because it is a major update, the new Safari version will have changes in settings menu. Tap the three dots new the address bar to open the Settings menu. There are features like Translate Website, Privacy Report and Text Size customization.

Switch between tabs easier

Switching back and forth with the new web browser should be easier with the new Safari. If you want to open the last one, you don’t need to open Tab View. Using your thumb, you only need to swipe right or left, across the brand-new tab bar.