The best offline applications

Human beings are used to ubiquitous connectivity, but you’ll still find places where you can’t have connectivity: elevators, remote areas, and stadiums under the basement. So here are some of the best offline applications. 

Google Maps

Apple Maps has some offline functionality, but its functionality is limited and can only be handled in the background. Google Maps works on Apple and Android devices, and it has got more to offer if you need to navigate or search for places point having no connection. If you want this to get done, you can tap on your profile picture, then head over to offline Maps and pick some sections of a map to save them on your device.

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It is the best application to stream music offline. Tidal handles loose legs music formats with high Fidelity even in offline mode. As a user, you can set your audio quality on the tracks you save when you tap my collection in the mobile app and then head over to the cog icon. It will bring you drop-down settings where you can select download under inequalities. After setting your downloads to the highest quality you can, you can tap the download button on every playlist or album. If you go back to the settings screen, you can also choose to talk on the offline mode to see all the playlist albums and tracks that are synchronized to your phone. 


It is the best streaming app that offers offline video watching. Netflix has become the trending what for most people who love watching movies. Its recent feature rolled out has managed to appear in this list because Netflix can now ensure that you always watch something even without having a connection. You can do this by automatically downloading all the shows that it thinks you’ll like in language, whatever you have watched.

Google Docs 

It is one of the best offline productivity applications. It has an integrated offline mode which can help I use it when data is down. To synchronize a document, you can tap the three dots next to their name on the list and choose the download section for Android, or if you’re using an Apple device, you can use the available offline toggle switch. All the changes you will make on the document while offline will get stored on your device. You will synchronize it back when you get connected. The same functionality can get found on Google Slides and Google Sheets, so you are always covered. 


It is the best application for notes, and it is available in offline mode too. You’ll have to be a premium subscriber for you to use it, which costs around $8.00 monthly. Having that will give you have more benefits, including support for all devices and features on document annotation. Whether you’re using Android or Apple devices, you can tap on the menu button and then head over to the cog icon. Select notebooks and then to offline notebooks to peek at the note that you want to be available without having an Internet connection. Any slight changes that you make will be synchronized when you get back online.