WWDC 2021 Announcements Roundup

Been a few days now since Apple’s WWDC 2021 event. It’s still the event that’s been talked about, even though it all wrapped up and complete. There has been some big announcement and my favourite is iOS 15 and what it’s got to offer. Here is the roundup of what Apple has announced in its WWDC21 live streaming event on June 7.

iOS 15

The Wallet now includes driver’s license and State ID that can be accessed securely from anywhere. For smart locks, Wallet now support keys for your hotel room, office room and home. The Weather gets a major interface update with new graphics for temperature, air quality and precipitation. The Health app now allows you to share health data with medical staff for quicker diagnosis. The Health trend feature gives a quick notification if there are noteworthy changes in overall health. The Labs feature gives easy-to-understand summaries of your lab report.


iPadOS now has improved multitasking performance with a better split view that allows you to access multiple apps seamlessly. If your iPad is showing a split view, you can add a third app on top, giving you a chance to be more productive. The Shelf stores all apps being opened and it is easy to switch between them. The iPad now supports home screen widgets. Another port from iOS is App Library that allows you to search for an app easily.

macOS Monterey

The new macOS version offers the ability to work across devices. If you are using a Mac and an iPad at the same time, you can use the mouse and the keyboard of the Mac to control the iPad. You don’t need to configure anything, just move the mouse cursor from the Mac to the iPad, it feels like magic. Through AirPlay, you can share the screen of the iPhone and iPad with the Mac. The Mac can now work as an AirPlay Speaker. Shortcuts that work really well in iPhone are now available on Mac. Soon, all macOS users can have access to the TestFlight app.


watchOS also gets major updates. Any photo that you capture with the iPhone will be automatically adjusted on the watchOS. It is now very straightforward to share photos with the watchOS. Emoji, Dictate and Scribble are now displayed in a single screen. Your watchOS wearable can better integrate with smart home system. The Security Cam app allows you to access security cameras and the Mission Control makes it easy to control HomeKit Devices. You may use Siri on watchOS to interact with and control various 3rd party devices. The Wallet app on your watchOS also supports driver’s license and you can access it easily.

Facetime These updates apply on Facetime for macOS, iOS, iPadOS and watchOS. SharePlay allows you to share movies and TV shows from FaceTime with friends and family. The Spatial Audio feature makes Facetime calls sound more realistic with sounds come from the direction of the person. Mic Modes feature improves audio quality and any sound effect. If you want to schedule a Facetime call with friend, you can share the URL to friends and family. You can also share the URL to an Android or Windows device, so they can participate in Facetime calls from non-Apple devices.