Alchemy Stars officially launches with tons of Chance Up events and login bonuses

Following a whopping one million pre-registrations, Alchemy Stars will now officially launch on June 17 for both iOS and Android devices. The breathtaking new title combines RPG elements with strategy and card collecting, all done in high-quality animation and live 2D graphics.

Using an exciting basement system where player characters live, Alchemy Stars lets you interact with the beautifully designed characters through gift-giving and chatting. Through the various leisure modes, you can unlock their side stories and receive rewards as well. Aside from their unique quirks, characters will also have their own sets of battle prowess in combat, as you strategize the best plan of attack using colored tiles and elemental attributes.

Navigators, get ready to embark on an epic quest as you follow the conflicts between the Aurorians and Eclipsites in the land of Astra! The official launch brings with it a host of exciting events for beginners, such as the daily login bonuses and the Chance Up banners for 5-Star and 6-Star Aurorians. Players can also complete the 8-Day Growth Quest to nab Dayna, a powerful 5-Star Aurorian.

You can download Alchemy Stars for both iOS and Android devices or visit the official website and Facebook for more updates! It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

To provide the best gaming experience, the U.S. version of Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast is also available on both iOS and Android. Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast provides players with a different internal game package.

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