100xAltbase – The Exclusive App for New Crypto Coins

Cryptocurrency apps are becoming more and more popular nowadays. However, if you are looking for a crypto app for transacting with alternative currencies with ease, there are crypto apps for that purpose too. That’s why we looked and we found one exclusive app for buying alt coins, meme coins, and everything in-between. So, read more about 100xAltbase.  

What is 100xAltBase? 

100xAltBase is an exclusive cryptocurrency app that is developed for Android users, soon available for IOS users too. It’s easy to use and user-friendly offering you the chance to buy alt coins, meme coins and everything in-between. It removes barriers in current process to transact with alternative currencies, seamlessly integrating wallets and networks.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This cryptocurrency app offers variety of features for transactions with alternative currencies. You can use the app to buy alt coins easily with a Credit or Debit Card. Buy meme coins, get transacting with multiple smart chain products using this app.  

Simple process with a 2-minute identification check and you will be ready to use the app, buying alt coins within 5 minutes after downloading the app. Also, easily buy new crypton coins with smart contracts, consolidating wallets into the app and more.  

Browse multiple altcoins and view price fluctuations to make educated buys. It offers a bespoke invitation-only rollout too. This app connects users to the smart chain for purchasing new crypto coins/altcoins.  

Download the app now on Google Play to transact with alternative currencies with ease!  

Google Play Download Link: 100xAltbase