6 mistakes to avoid when taking a passport photo

About renewing your passport or driver’s license? One important step in preparing your documents is getting your ID photo right. To ensure that your photo is guaranteed to be accepted and that your portrait is not a turn-off, make sure that you do not commit the following mistakes. 

Mistake 1: Pay for print photos only

Spending $15 for a couple of prints each time you need a new ID photo? Get a digital passport photo – and you can use it countless times in the future when you need a photo for a visa or driver’s license, for example. By the way, you can take such a photo from the comfort of your own home – find out how from the example of the article Cheap passport photos.

Mistake 2: Apply too much makeup

If you don’t look like yourself in your passport, at some point you may be detained for identity verification. If you usually use makeup, apply your usual daily option. If you never use it, you don’t have to do it for your passport photo either.

Mistake 3: Wear headwear

Do not wear any headdress or other accessories covering your head unless you wear it on a regular basis for religious reasons. If you are photographed wearing religious headwear, remember that it should not obscure your facial oval. Your face should be clearly visible from the tip of your chin to your forehead hairline and from your nose to your ears. 

Mistake 3:  Choosing provocative clothing 

Remember that you will need your photo ID for many situations in life – for example, it may be checked on you when you are interviewed for a job. Don’t dress too flashy, otherwise, everyone will pay attention to your attire and not your face.

Pay particular attention to the top part of the outfit, as it will be visible in the photo. A round or v-neckline will look good.  It would not be appropriate to wear a strappy top, or a shirt with a too deep neckline, which may make your image look “naked”. 

Ideally, try to wear a monochrome dark garment in a muted color. 

Mistake 4:  Pulling up the chin when taking the photo

This is a common mistake. Keeping the right posture is fine, but don’t overdo it by tucking your chin higher than you normally hold it. Otherwise, you will make your nostrils and jaw visually larger and more massive.  

Mistake 5: Making a bouffant hairdo

Typical passport photo requirements always include a clause about the distance that must remain between the top of the head and the edge of the photo. If your hair is too voluminous, these proportions may be disturbed and the photo will not be accepted. Also, try to remove your bangs, if you have them, so they don’t cover your eyebrows and forehead, let alone your eyes.  

Mistake 6: Use too much retouching

You should not edit the photo and artistically change it to look better – otherwise, the photo may not be accepted. The passport photo must show all facial features (e.g. scars and birthmarks).