Removed iPhone Features We Have Been Missing

Kiev Ukraine - March 06 2016: Man using touch ID scanner of fingerprints on iPhones 6 developed by Apple corporation. Allows users to unblock the smartphone and to make purchases.

Undoubtedly, the Apple iPhone series have many interesting features that we love to use. Unfortunately, we needed to wave goodbye to features that were practical and useful. With new designs and more improved technology, Apple has decided to remove these features and it’s a good thing if the company brings them back in future iPhone iterations in more refined versions

Touch ID

Face ID is a direct replacement to Touch ID, but it has never been a perfect technology to begin with. It works brilliantly in many situations, but when you change your appearance, it can be problematic. These days, it is a requirement for everyone to wear face mask and Face ID may pose a problem when you want to use the iPhone in a crowded subway train. Touch ID is a more convenient solution as people are still wearing protective gear. An under-display Touch ID would be a great improvement.

Aluminium back

Older iPhone models with aluminium back were nice to look at and to touch. Starting from iPhone 7, we no longer get an aluminium-coated iPhone model. Apple argued that the aluminium case would interfere with wireless charging feature, but Google has shown us that the mostly metal Pixel 5 can pull it off. Compared to the glass-backed iPhone, the metal case is more durable and you may potentially save a lot of money, if you are somewhat sloppy. While a metal case would just dent slightly, a glass back may shatter completely.

3D Touch

When it first arrived, 3D Touch set the Apple iPhone apart by bringing a new layer interaction between user and the device. Apple decided to remove Touch 3D to free up space. The haptic responses of Touch 3D were quite satisfying and although you can replicate it today with certain apps, it doesn’t feel the same.

Complete accessories

Latest iPhone models no longer give us satisfying unboxing experience, because it feels bare inside the box. Last year, Apple decided to no longer include charging brick and earbuds from the box. It’s incredibly to annoying to purchase these accessories separately. Although any iPhone 12 user can still afford a brick or earphones, it just doesn’t feel acceptable.

Headphone jack

Although it may look stylish to wear wireless Bluetooth earphones, audiophiles may not agree. Wireless-based implementations may be the way of the future, but classic analogue connections are still irreplaceable due to various reasons. At the moment, it is impossible to implement latest lossless audio technology through Bluetooth. This obviously not a problem for average iPhone users and many of them are willing to let go of the easily tangled wired earphones. But if you prefer a lossless audio solution, headphone jack is important.

Bump-less camera

A camera bump is a necessity for bigger iPhone with larger battery. It prevents the iPhone from getting too thick and it helps in distributing weight more evenly. However, it would make sense to remove the bump from smaller iPhone models, like the 2020 version of iPhone SE. It is definitely nice to have an iPhone that can lie flatly again.