4 Essential Computer Tools To Survive The “Digital” World

Technology is among the most helpful and most powerful tools that human beings have ever invented. They help us complete everyday tasks from the most basic to the most complicated ones without doing so much. It aids us in so many fields like academia, entertainment, business, communication, jobs, and even banking. It is indeed a gift to all human beings.

Technology brought us amazing machines like smartphones and computer devices. With the aid of internet connectivity, we can accomplish all tasks with just a few clicks on our device and in the comfort of our own homes. With the correct tools, the possibility with all these devices is limitless; using them the proper way will put us in an advantageous position.


File Managing is one of the most crucial tasks done in today’s “digital” world, for everything is now done on the internet, like sending documents, communicating, event planning, and more; it is used in various fields like the academe and the corporate world. We manage files to ensure that they are secured, in the best format, and contain the right content.

GogoPDF is one of the most useful sites for managing essential files. It is an online-based platform that converts PDF to PDFA, JPG, PNG, Excel, PPT, and vice versa; it is indeed everything you will need to convert your precious files. Aside from file conversion, it can also merge and split and merge, add watermarks and esignature, and repair damaged PDF files.

The site also offers excellent security features that will ensure the safety and privacy of the users, which are very important nowadays, all stated on their privacy policy page. It can also protect your file by adding a password that uses a 256-Bit encryption protocol that is not easy to breach. You can pay for the subscription, or you can try their services free in their free trial.


Communication was a huge problem in the old days, but that is not the problem with our era today because many websites offer the same service. But despite the rising numbers of this kind of website and application, many of them are not great and can even be the source of miscommunication. Luckily there is an excellent platform for this matter.

Skype is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, effective platforms to communicate with people no matter the distance or time difference. It provides messaging and video calling services without experiencing disconnections. You can also send pictures through this app without destroying their resolution and stickers to express yourself better.

Norton Antivirus

Everyone would agree if I said that once your computer devices are connected to the internet, it is no longer safe anymore; it becomes prone to attack by hackers and malware. As useful as computer devices can be, it is used by bad people to damage computers and steal important information stored in your computers because of how advanced technology is today. 

Norton Antivirus is an antivirus and firewall protection that will ensure your device and files’ security and your privacy. It detects malicious software that can damage your precious files and devices using its SONAR and Proactive Exploit Protection. It also secures your device from identity thieves and hackers by creating a firewall that will prevent them from doing so.


Stress is a massive part of our lives nowadays, stress from work, traffic, bills, people, and so much more. Although there is no way to liberate yourself from the stress the world gives you completely, there are many ways to deflect your attention from these stressors and forget about all of them, even just for a short while. One great way is to entertain yourself.

Technology made entertainment today easy to access if before the only source of entertainment was the television and going to live concerts, today you can watch your favorite television shows and watch concerts, again and again, using any device you have wherever you are and whatever it is that you are doing.

Youtube is one of the best sites when it comes to entertainment. You can find billions of videos on their websites from various genres like music, news, television shows, educational, and vlogs; all of them are entirely free to watch.


Technology puts us in a disadvantageous position of not being correctly used, but with proper usage, on the other hand, it can be our best companion that could be very helpful in accomplishing even the most complex tasks. It offers tools that aid us in achieving our jobs efficiently, effectively, and quickly. 

The examples mentioned are only a very few of the thousand tools you can find on the web you can use in your everyday tasks. This generation is truly blessed for having technology this advanced.