6 Best GIF Maker Apps For iOS and Android

GIFs can make or break a conversation. It is a perfect art of creation to add a different dimension to any chat and conversation. Just like the right GIF can enhance the mood, a wrong GIF may appear very out of place.

Thus, it’s important to know the art of GIF creation and analyzing the situation to measure the appropriateness of any GIF for that particular conversation.

Now, what are GIFs?

Popular now more than ever, GIFs are hard to define verbally yet we all have seen it right?

GIF, like any usual picture, is an image file with a twist.

The specialty of GIFs lies in the fact that it can be used to make animated images with text files that perfectly encapsulates a mood, speaking a myriad of emotions through its text content and imagery. Often the text and the image do not have anything in common.

The only common thread between these two is the creation of the GIF. GIFs are not videos since they don’t contain any sound. GIFs can usually contain a number of pictures sequentially when devised in a certain way.

Why are GIFs so popular right now?

The popularity of GIFs is almost at its peak. They are equally adept like memes and communicate manifold emotions, ideas, and jokes.

Moreover, the fusion of regional language keyboards, like Bengali Keyboard and GIFs, has reduced the barrier of the language gap in the creation of GIFs. This keyboard from Bharat has introduced GIFs in Bangla and has become a favorite among users.

GIFs are also integrated with popular social media handles and chat platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram. Each of them has its packs of GIFs curated organically to give users unique satisfaction.

How to determine the appropriate use of GIFs?

GIFs can be used as organically as emojis. How do we select emojis? We pick the ones appropriate for the situation right?

Similarly, GIFs can be chosen in the same fashion, if it is appropriate for the particular conversation and context.

Accordingly, a GIF can be chosen to describe the situation. The Bangla keyboard app has a built-in GIF function to make GIF usage easier than ever. It has a built-in GIF function that enables users to use GIFs within chat and anywhere.

Bangla Typing Keyboard unleashes the power of artificial intelligence that smartly detects and understands patterns. The integration of the authentic Bangla dictionary works swiftly with the AI-enabled console that provides accurate words and emoji prediction.

The keyboard is highly customizable thus appropriate for all age groups from youth, adults to elders.

The features can be personalized as per individual users depending on their needs and requirements. One can enlarge or adjust the key borders which aid the elders to see and write better without much strain and effort. The height and auto-correct features enable further personalization as they can be adjusted accordingly. The auto-correct feature entails a host of options.

One can choose to disable it. However, when needed they can enable it anytime from the setting with options ranging from normal, moderate, and extreme. Further, there are options like keyboard shortcuts, key pop-up, the sound feature to enable or disable sound or vibration while typing, and emoji/ number row which can be placed accordingly on the keyboard. 

Users can unlock GIF packs while creating their Bobblehead containing their faces. One can make a GIF with their pictures and the GIFs will be automatically saved on the keyboard thus no need to manually save these eating up your phone’s memory.

Besides Bangla Keyboard, there are other popular GIF-making platforms. Here are some of the Best GIF Maker Apps For Android That You Must Know.


This one- GIF maker and GIF editor are some of the best GIF-making apps available. Its popularity is also immense.

One can add over two hundred photos and crop the photos accordingly while creating GIFs using this maker. Besides, users can further customize their existing GIFs by inserting texts, emojis, and stickers. 


Power Director entails features such as free effects to use in the videos, one can also edit the background and change it as per the need.

Further, there are features like slow motion and reverse video options to aid the GIF-making process, making it one of the best and free GIF makers for android.  


Fond of artwork and want to trigger your art and transform it into a GIF? Then Pixel Animator is perfect for all those inspiring art GIFs. The app lets users import a prior image of the GIF to the next GIF for ease of usage and effortless art creation.


Developed by Google itself, Motion Still is a game-changer in the GIF creation segment with two innovative moods.

The advanced effect can transform a video into a GIF.

And, the second feature transforms a slow-motion video into a looping GIF that can be shared in chats. All these without charging a penny. 


This app, GIF me! Camera- GIF maker is incredible for creating short videos and transforming them into GIFs.

The interface is user-friendly which lets users capture moments and transform those into GIFs with a touch of everyday happenings. It integrates with the bolt-in phone’s camera. One can create both sequence and stop motion through this GIF maker for android. Additionally, for those who prefer desktop software, Adobe Express animated GIF maker offers a professional and versatile solution for crafting captivating animated GIFs with ease.

Happy GIF-making!