8 Best Hindi Keyboard Apps for iOS and Android for Hindi typing

Hindi typing is not that easy to use in iOS, Androids and PCs with the normal keyboard given in the devices. Most of the users face difficulties in having a conversation.

For this, some apps will help you in having a hassle-free conversation in Hindi without paying any cost. These are:

1. Hindi Typing Keyboard

Bharat keyboards have launched their made in India Hindi typing keyboard for all android users. This ai powered typing keyboard allows you to type in Hindi across websites and apps installed or browsed through your android smartphone.

The Hindi typing keyboard facilitates English to Hindi translation, glide typing, customized stickers, auto-correct spelling errors and voice typing, to name a few.

This is one of the best hindi typing applications that comes with no in-app purchases. So don’t wait any more, download the Hindi typing keyboard today.

2. Bobble Indic keyboard

As the name itself says, the Indic keyboard includes all the Indian languages including Hindi for android users. It is a faster and smarter application.

You can easily start a conversation with your friends and family using this app. It comes with various options such as word suggestions and more.

The keyboard in this app can easily convert your English written texts into other languages. It is very easy to use and is easily available in the play store.

This keyboard supports different modes of inputs such as Transliteration mode in which you can get your native language by just spelling out the pronunciation in English letters.

3.Swiftkey Keyboard

SwiftKey keyboard is a very smart, faster and easy to use application for android users which will let you use various 90 to 100 languages including Hindi.

You can easily find this app in the play store. It comes with autocorrect options that will easily detect your small mistakes. It does not involve any cost.

It has many other options such as emoji which will help you better in expressing what you feel. It is a faster application without any glitches.

This keyboard always learns and adjusts to match your unique way of typing and analyse your behaviour of conversation including the emoji, gif etc. you use.

You can type and text any way you like, with a swipe to type or tap to type, Emoji and a gif keyboard.

4. ai.type Keyboard

ai.type Keyboard is one of the best Hindi keyboard apps for android. It comes with varieties of options such as inbuilt prediction, autocorrect and many others. This app has an option to change the themes as you want to make them attractive.

You can easily customize your keyboard. This app is easily available in the play store. The autocorrect option helps in typing with less time. This app supports new emoji 12.1 for 2020 NEW 517 emojis.

5. Gboard

Here comes another popular Hindi keyboard for android which is very smart. It provides plenty of attractive themes and 1500 unique and stylish emojis which you can share with your friends and family.

You can download it easily from the play store. It also has a super-fast auto-correct option which suggests the correct word after typing.

You can type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter which is known as glide typing and many more options such as voice typing, handwriting, emoji search, GIFs, google translate and many more.

6. GO keyboard

Go keyboard is again a multi-language support keyboard for android with smart and fast options. This app helps you in sharing emojis with your friends and family. It is available in the play store. Along with that, you can also send gifs.

It also has the auto-correct option and fast prediction. This app has NEW- Your Avatar Emoji. There are 10000+ colourful themes, emoji and GIFs, 800+ emoticons, 100+ fonts and 60+ languages for you.

7. Hinglish to Hindi

Hinglish to Hindi is a super convenient app for using the Hindi language in android for those who don’t have the habit of typing in Hindi keyboards.

This app will detect your typing, it will show you the English language and you will have to type your sentence in English and it will instantly convert your sentence into Hindi.

You can easily find this application in the play store.

8. Say Hi translate

Say Hi translate is one of the best languages for Hindi typing for android. It also has other languages. It is a good voice translator app that speaks various languages.

You can also use it as a voice to text app to convert your voice into text or other languages. It has good features such as copy, paste, mics support and others to use. You must have a good internet connection for better use of this app. You can find this app easily in the play store.