Step by Step guide to use WhatsApp in your local language

Until a few years back, WhatsApp was highly restricted to people who were able to type in English.

Senior citizens especially were very hesitant which made families more distant. A call a week seemed too little for people to get to know everything that was happening with what we love.

The use of regional language has brought the world closer and people in the remotest of areas access WhatsApp and connect with people around the world.

Step 1: The default language of WhatsApp is English and to use WhatsApp in your regional language, click on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen and go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to the Chats section and click on App language. Select the language you want and there! You can start using WhatsApp in your regional language.

But is that all? Will changing WhatsApp font help us in actually using it? Ever since regional keyboards have been accessible, the scene has changed completely. People can now even How did regional keyboards have such an impact on our everyday lives and how to use them? Let us know about this by considering a Marathi keyboard for typing – Bharat Keyboards’ Marathi keyboard, which is one of the best Marathi typing keyboard.

The first step is to download the Marathi Keyboard app from Android. Search for it in the search option and click on Install. Once the app is installed on your device, open it.

Step 2: Once you open the app, the Marathi keyboard app will inform you about its privacy policy and the information it may take in order to improve your user experience. The app will ask you for access to your Media files, accept it.

Step 3: Next is, selecting the language in which you want to use the Keyboard app. Since we are using the Marathi keyboard app, you will have to select either English or Marathi. This will be the language in which you can’t change the settings and layout of your keyboard and not related to the input language.

Step 4: Enable your keyboard in the settings of your phone and make it your default keyboard. Then select the input languages that you want present on your keyboard.

Step 5: Personalize your keyboard. The Marathi Keyboard app has plenty of settings that can help you perfectly design the keyboard according to your convenience and need. You can see how the keyboard looks in real-time and make changes accordingly. Once you make the changes, save them.

Step 6: Accept the app’s requirement of access to contacts and continue. The app is one of the only Marathi typing apps online that explains to you the reason for such access and how the data collected will only be used to improve the app and the user experience.

Step 7:  Now, open WhatsApp and start using the keyboard to your liking!

The Marathi keyboard app has features designed to make your texting experience memorable. It is designed to help people of every age group and it has made Marathi typing online simple. Until now I mentioned how to set up the keyboard but now let us know how we actually type and use the keyboard while in the chat.

Three Typing Options: The keyboard gives you three typing options. The first one is the Full Marathi keyboard if you want to type the message with Marathi varnamala. The letters and maatras are arranged in such a way that it is easy to find and composing words becomes easy. The second option is to type in English and the third option is the conversion keyboard with English letters. You need to type the Marathi word in English letters and the Keyboard will convert it into Marathi in real-time using the AI. Word suggestions at the top of the keyboard make the process even simpler. What’s impressive is that you can switch between these options with just one click on the keyboard.

Speech to text: After a day of tiring work, it is difficult to even move your thumbs over the screen to type. In such a case, one turns up to voice messages. But the keyboard provides you with an option to speak and it converts your speech into Marathi text. That is the extent to which the Marathi Keyboard App helps the user engage in a playful conversation.

Shayaris/Quotes/Jokes: A feature that will instantly bring a “Wow!” from you, the keyboard has ready-made Marathi quotes, shayarais, and jokes that are shareable instantly. The headings of these features depend on what keyboard was active hence there doesn’t arise any language barrier while using these.

Stickers/Avatars: The complexity of making stickers has prevented conversations from being exciting for a long time now. Another reason is not knowing how to use them, and the lack of the ones that are relatable or in regional language. The Marathi Keyboard app gives the user ready-made stickers ranging from Greetings to movie dialogues; make words come to life with stickers. What makes this feature remarkable is the use of avatars. Scan your face, convert it to an avatar and the keyboard will replace most stickers with it.