Top 5 must-have software for every business

Businesses are changing.

With technology progressing exponentially, your business is also developing to accommodate modern methods at an unbelievable pace. The impact of technology on business is so vast that your business can’t survive without using technological methods to boost its performance. Many traditional brick-and-mortar business giants were reduced to nothingness because they didn’t adapt to the technological trends the world changed according to.

The fate such businesses met might scare you if you’re new to running a business, but do not worry! With the right software, you can effortlessly leave your competition in the dust. There is one minus point. Your rivals might already know about this. You want to lead the sector, right? Then it’s high time you think of stepping up your business to a whole new level.

FinTech is going to be the deciding factor of standoffs between businesses. In such a situation, you want to be the best equipped, if not the most experienced. Keeping that in mind, here is some software that is a must if you run a business:

1. Bulk WhatsApp and SMS Marketing

For any business, marketing is a must. Your business is no exception.

SMS and Social Media are two usual methods of marketing you generally have for your business.

But, sending SMS or a WhatsApp message to each one of thousands of mobile numbers seems like an impossible task, right?

This software is designed to help you do work that seemingly takes an eternity but in seconds. A bulk WhatsApp and SMS sender can broadcast a message to thousands of contacts in a matter of moments.

All you need to do is to provide it with a database of contacts you want to target, the broadcast message to be sent, and the contact number your message is to be sent from. It automatically begins the process and finishes sending the message to those contacts quickly enough to awe you.

Accounting Software: 

Finding it difficult to maintain your accounts and keep your books updated? Worry not! Accounting Software has got your back covered.

These are computer programs used by accountants and bookkeepers to record every transaction made by an organization and report them.

You can get accounting software customized for your business or pick an off-the-shelf product. Accounting software is quite useful when you want to keep your finances under a strict check and ensure everything is in order.

GST Software:  

Worried you might be filing the wrong tax returns, and officials might show up on your door? Fortunately for you, GST accounting software exist that can help you prevent doing so. It is an accounting software that is used to manage taxations related to GST Filing. It requires a one-time set-up configuration, which is why it’ll be suitable for your business.

After that, invoice generation, accounting and compliance become as simple as drinking water. If you are tired of the GST filing procedure, then a GST application is just the software you need.

Restaurant POS: 

If you run a chain of restaurants, and you aren’t aware of restaurant POS software, then you should be. It is a point-of-sale system used for processing the transactions that happen at a restaurant. Earlier, a simple point-of-sale was merely a billing software that accepted orders and generated a receipt.

However, with cloud technology, you can use the POS system as a complete restaurant management system. It will be significantly beneficial for you if integrated with third-party software features, such as online ordering, e-wallets, table reservations etc.

CRM Software

CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is the process an organization performs to handle its interactions with the customers.

Do you run a business and want to ensure that your relationship with customers is in the best condition? Then CRM software is an amenity for you. CRM systems use a variety of communication channels to compile data.

These communication channels include various information sources, such as a company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials and of course, social media. They allow businesses to learn more about their customer groups and how to best satisfy their demands. This helps in retaining customers and driving sales growth. 

There are many other software apart from these. Obtaining that software depends on your business. However, the categories mentioned above are the most common ones. 

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