The Pixel 6 & 6 Pro: What to Expect?

The Pixel 6 & 6 Pro will be a substantial change in Google’s smartphone series. Based on early leaks, they have interesting, new design and good improvements on camera. You may expect the following from these two smartphone models.

Design and display

Finally, Google will be bold with its new Pixel devices, but fortunately, in a good way. There will be no gimmicky sensors and big notches. It seems that the Pixel 6 will be smaller and less bulky, compared to the Pixel 6 Pro. Reminiscent of flagships from Samsung, the front-facing camera of these smartphone models will be in a punch-hole cutout. In terms of display, the Pixel 6 Pro will have 6.67-inch OLED display, operating at 120Hz refresh rate. The smaller Pixel 6 may still use 120Hz refresh rate, but with smaller 6.4-inch display. On the back of the device, the Pixel 6 will have various unusual colours, such as champagne, orange, white and black. These colour options should make Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro stand out more.


Cameras of both models will also give a good impression. They will have brand new camera sensor, which is bigger compared those found in earlier Pixel models. On the back, the Pixel 6 Pro will have three cameras, including a telephoto lens with 5x physical zoom. This will make the Pro a competitive device, compared to current flagships in the market. Google also has good image processing algorithm, so these smartphones should offer exceptional photo quality.  

Internal hardware

Previous Pixel models were good mid-rangers, so it is interesting to know that the Pixel 6 Pro will have near-flagship performance. Inside, it will have a custom-built SoC with performance level closer to Snapdragon 870. If it’s true, it won’t be too far from what we get from Snapdragon 888. It’s quite curious why Google seems to be averse against Qualcomm’s chipsets, but we can appreciate the fact that, upcoming Pixel 6 devices will be more capable than their predecessors. But, it will compete in a market where the upcoming Apple A15 Bionic chipset will reign supreme. So, the Pixel 6 Pro isn’t exactly a proper choice if you want the most exceptional performance level. The smaller Pixel 6 is said to have a mid-range Qualcomm chipset. Because the Pixel 5 had Snapdragon 775G, it is sensible to expect Snapdragon 780G from the Pixel 6. Hardware aside, both devices should have the stock version of the Android 12.

All in all, we will get a near-flagship and decent mid-ranger, which will be interesting choices if priced competitively. The smaller Pixel 6 will be a direct successor to the Pixel 5. Although the Pixel 6 Pro isn’t as powerful as true Android flagships and Apple 13, we can expect that it will have interesting pricing. The Samsung Galaxy S22 may have the next generation Snapdragon/Exynos chipsets, upgraded cameras and more interestingly, custom dedicated GPU from AMD. The Apple 13 will have A15 Bionic chipset, which will be definitely faster than the current A14.