Top Microsoft Outlook Errors And Best Ways To Fix Them

Suppose Microsoft Outlook is your holy grail for sending professional emails, and you are suddenly encountering some problems with sending emails. In that case, they are probably because of some well-known outlook errors. 

These errors can disable sending and receiving messages, so in short, they are playing with you, so to give them a suitable answer, you need to fix these errors. That is the very reason we are here to tell you about those errors and the best ways you can fix them. 

Error 0x800CCC0F

This error usually pops up when you are trying to send or receive an email through Outlook. The primary causes of this error are an internet connection, multiple accounts on Outlook, server, and Outlook connectivity issues, corruption of PST, and so on. 

Error 0x8004210B

This error is yet another Microsoft Outlook error that disrupts the sending and receiving of any emails. It can be a pretty serious error if Microsoft outlook is a very crucial part of your business. Of course, the main reasons behind this error are internet issues, problems during installation or improper installation, some computer viruses, and invalid window registry entries. 

Error [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea]

The Microsoft Outlook error is very common among the users, and you must have seen it pop up on your screen multiple times. The main reason for this error is also installation issue, but several other reasons can cause your Outlook to go through this error like: 

  • Using multiple Microsoft outlook accounts on the same computer 
  • Two or more applications for emails 
  • Your cache is not cleared 
  • You are using an old Microsoft outlook version 

Error [pii_email_8fac9ab2d973e77c2bb9]

The error is another recurring error that disturbs your emails, and the main reason for this error is multiple accounts. It is better if you just use your Microsoft Outlook for just one account. Also, if you have forgotten to clear this software’s cache again, do it right away because it can also be a significant reason for this error. 

Easy Ways To Fix These Errors 

All of the above errors are pretty scary as they can make your working day wholly unproductive so, buckle up because we are about to get rid of them. 

Get A Reliable Internet Connection 

It is a very important fix because a dangling and disturbing internet connection can cause problems with the installation of Microsoft outlook and give rise to many Outlook errors like all of the above. A stable internet connection is crucial, so get yourself a connection that does not affect your work. 

Anti-Virus Is The Culprit 

If you have an anti-virus in your computer, make sure it allows the connection between Microsoft Outlook and the server. Otherwise, you will have to either change the settings of your anti-virus or uninstall it altogether. 

Uninstall Outlook 

Most of the time, the errors occur because of an incomplete or improper installation. It is better to uninstall Outlook after clearing the cache and then install it again but with a stable internet connection. 

Clear Unnecessary Stuff 

Sometimes, your Outlook can also become overloaded, and you need to give it some rest once in a while and clear out all the unnecessary data and emails stored in your Outlook. Also, log out of any extra accounts if you are logged in and clear the cache. In this way, you can clear the burden off Outlook’s head. 


I hope that these simple fixes helped you with your Microsoft outlook error. If your error is still not solved, get it checked by a professional immediately because there might be something serious. Also, have a very good bug fixing evening. 

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