A Detailed Discussion on Android App Bundle and Its Benefits

Android App Bundle and Its Benefits
Android App Bundle and Its Benefits

As we all have the idea about the development around the world and everything is in our approach. The smartphone industry has groomed smartly as per the requirement of their user. No doubt, the Android is the smart and friendly solution we all have and a lot more interesting facts we can also see in it. Almost every type of solution we have available on the Play Store is in the shape of an application. Have you heard about Android App Bundle? It is the best release of Android in which it has introduced the best app bundle and it is also offering the best experience. Developers also ensure you that you will see more downloads and no one will uninstall these bundles from their smartphones. It has only included the necessary features to download and all of them are tailored as per the requirement of their users.

Today we have selected the most interesting topic about App Bundle and how it will be an effective option for the users by all means.

What is Android App Bundle?

Android App Bundle is a fresh publishing format that also offers its users a new way to build and release their app. The respective app bundle will also deliver you a great experience by introducing the small size app. They will ensure you that the app will get more install and it will also reduce the uninstalls respectively. it is also an easy thing to switch and it will provide benefits to the modular app development. This app bundle is a highly effective solution for the developers and they will easily release their app on the Play Store respectively. you can also consider this solution as a bright future for Android and they can develop a smaller app than the or app available on the play store. A small size app is quite easy to install and it will not require more space in your smartphone.

You can easily create your account and you are free to upload your created app on Play Store. As we all have the idea that many apps have a significant size reduction and this app bundle will allow you the 20% size saving option respectively. this option will also enhance the installation up to 11% which is also considered the best ratio all the way.

Here we will share with you the benefits of using App Bundle in detail and you might find this explanation useful and effective all the way.

Benefits of App Bundle

Following are the benefits of App Bundle and you need to read all these points carefully by all means.

  1. The first and the most important factor you will see in App Bundle is that it will give you additional reporting and optimization guidance as well in the play console.
  2. Your developed App will be tailored efficiently on every device. It will also give you the benefits of the fastest app download and installation solution which is the basic requirement of every user these days.
  3. You are free to prepare the 64-bit requirement in which will never increase the size of the app respectively.
  4. Here is an interesting fact for you that you can upload up to 150 MB compressed download size. It will also avoid expansion of the files and the app will be published with APKs which also help out the app to compress up to 100 MB respectively.
  5. This feature is quite interesting in that will allow the users to play the developed game on the play store without downloading it on the smartphone. This type of feature is quite preferred and a suitable option for users around the world.
  6. Developers will get independent features modules.

All of these benefits of the App Bundle are quite effective and interesting. The benefits are not limited up to these points only. It is the perfect time for the developers to show their creativity level by creating the app for the users and they can also get a lot more appreciation by showing their best effort. Feel free to take your part in this thing and you will get the best appreciation in return.