Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach Explains How Artificial Intelligence is Dodging COVID-19

Eric James Dalius

More and more companies are banking heavily upon the many benefits that AI or Artificial Intelligence offers. Ever since the coronavirus spread from Wuhan, China, it has spread to many countries across the globe. 

To rise to the situation, China along with many nations has taken refuge in the many nuances of Artificial Intelligence that is helping immensely to address issues related to COVID-19. It is not just AI but, technology, and data science that have proved equally advantageous during these troubled times. 

Let us find out how what experts have to say about the application of Artificial Intelligence during the pandemic. 

Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach assesses the situation likewise

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Artificial Intelligence in predicting, monitoring, and tracking COVID-19 outbreaks

Just like a weather forecast tool or technology if we can forecast when there will be an outbreak of the virus, it will be easier for researchers and scientists, or medical professionals to address the issue and find solutions to tame the virus. 

So, how does AI help in the process? By gathering information and analyzing information that is related to COVID-19 from various social media portals and websites or platforms, artificial intelligence will be able to detect an outbreak. 

Many service providers are engaged in this noble work and operate from many locations across Canada and United States. 

These organizations or companies can warn against a possible outbreak way before it happens. The COVID-19 outbreak was reported by such service providers quite early. 

Processing claims related to healthcare

It has been pointed out that with the help of artificial intelligence, the clinical operations that took place during the pandemic, saw an upsurge in the documentation processes related to insurance and health claims. This also means that the paperwork will be a herculean task for all professionals.

With the help of artificial intelligence, this burden can be offloaded to a great extent. Many places are using so-called blockchain platforms that are helping in speeding up the process of insurance claims and also minimizes the personal interaction rate between insurance professionals and claimants. 

As we all know that social distancing is one of how we can keep ourselves safe and protected. 

Artificial intelligence-driven drones help with medical supplies

Drone delivery is in vogue. This is perhaps the safest and fastest way to deliver medical supplies during an outbreak. Aerial vehicles are helping hospitals and clinics by supplying quarantine materials and medical supplies; thereby rendering the least risk to healthcare workers and the frontline workers. 

Most importantly, these aerial vehicles or drones also help in monitoring whether people are following the quarantine; and pandemic protocols says Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach.

Since robots are not vulnerable to the virus, aside from monitoring for quarantine violations, supplying medical essentials, they are also being used to sterilize and clean, as well as deliver food and medicines thereby abiding by the norms of minimal contact or contactless communication between individuals. 

So, we see that artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in addressing the issues related to coronavirus; and perhaps it will continue to do so in the years to come.