Get Rewards for driving Safe with TrypScore

Driving safe is important in so many ways. You can save on fuel, less wear and tear on your vehicle and most importantly there are fewer chances of you being involved in an accident. Too often drivers are punished with speeding tickets and an increase in insurance premiums. It’s about time drivers behaviour changes fo the best. Driving safely is a responsible thing to do and there’s really never been an incentive to do so, until now, with the TrypScore App.

TrypScore allows you to earn real rewards when you drive safely. The app bases the rewards on your speed, acceleration, braking, steadiness and use of your phone. It then gives you scores depending on how safe you were on your journey. You can earn gift cards, prizes and even get entered into contests just for driving in a safe manner. You get the chance to earn rewards when you drive in marked locations call Pyns. You can pit yourself against your friends, family or others across the world to become the safest driver on the board.

TrypScore is a fun way to challenge yourself to drive carefully. You’re probably already a safe driver so it won’t be a challenge, all you will have to do is carry on driving in the manner you are and earn some great rewards, such as $100 or $500 gift cards.

According to the developers they “use geo-spatial technology, comprehensive scoring algorithms, machine learning and mobile gamification to create new paradigms in driver improvement”. The aim of the developers is to use the TrypScore app to contribute to the World health Organisation’s zero deaths from vehicle collisions by 2050.

Drivers can download TrypScore from the App Store or Google Play for free.