The Full-Screen Caller ID App: Flash

The banner that pops up on your iPhone screen when you receive a call, lets be honest, can be absolutely boring. There’s really nothing exciting about it, it just shows you someone’s calling. However, you can spice things up and make your incoming calls a lot more fun and exciting with the Flash App for iOS and Android. Add pictures and videos whenever you call friends or family so they can instantly see what you’re experiencing. Flash is perfect for companies wanting to brand their calls to customers so they know who it is and why to pick up. It’s a great way to make sure as a company your calls are not marked as Spam.

Flash is a great way to keep in touch and it’s an amazing video messaging app. The pictures that you edit can turn into Caller ID so your friends can immediately see your intentions and know exactly what you want them to do. There is also a great privacy feature, you can send a “Hidden Flash” which is password protected and it will be deleted automatically to keep your message a secret. With Flash app, users may organize hangouts. Hangouts are where you’re able to confidently share photos and videos in private with your friends.

Flash allows you to easily share pictures whilst you’re having a conversation on the phone. You can edit your photos just the way you like by adding captions, emojis, unique effects and filters.

The core aim of Flash is to be a great messenger app. You can easily send videos and photos messages and react to your friends Flashes. you can also create group messaging and live chat to stay in-touch.

Flash is easy to use and available for free on iOS and Android.