MagicPin Allows you to Buy, Sell and Trade Disney Collectible Pins

If you are a fan of Disney then you will be well aware of the popularity of pin collecting and trading. Walt Disney has estimated that there are over 60, 000 different pins in circulation and the rarest pin fetching for over $5,000. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of the collectables of Disney pins. Well, now you can easily organise, trade, buy and sell pins with the Magic Pin App.

MagicPin is said to be the number one source of information about Disney Pins. The app allows users to scan their pins and instantly pull up background information. Once scanned, they can add the pin to their virtual collection board and custom-categorize it in any way desired. The scanned pin can also be entered into the MagicPin marketplace so users can connect with other pin collectors to trade or purchase pins, whether locally or out of state. The app can easily process credit card information between collectors making sure it is safe and secure. You can connect with users and discuss trading and swap when you’re ready.

Bring back the childhood memories of your favourite Disney character or movie. The scanning of pins gives you a world of information, some you weren’t aware of. The app allows you to keep the whole magical Disney experience alive. The marketplace is pack with pins and you can add more to your collection to complete your sets.

MagicPin is available on App Store and Google Play Store for free. You can, however, access all the pin trading features with a membership subscription, priced at monthly $1.99, yearly $19.99, or a lifetime $99.99. Additional pinboards and pin slots are also available via in-app purchase.

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