Bike Bandit – The Exciting Bike Adventure Game 

There are tons of adventure games available for smartphones to choose from to kill some boredom or challenge your skills. However, if you are a bike lover that likes to test your skills and go on a thrilling bike riding adventure, we looked and we found a game that you need to try. So, read more about Bike Bandit. 

What is Bike Bandit? 

Bike Bandit is an exciting bike adventure game that is developed for IOS users. Easy to play with smooth tap and hold controls, this bike game has sharp graphics and cool sound effects to enjoy. It will put your bike riding skills on the test as you escape prison and try to reach the safe house without being caught by the police. Ride and reach your freedom. 

Why Do We Love It? 

This bike adventure game offers variety of features and an exciting but yet challenging gameplay that will put your skills on the test. Make it to the safe house to plan the rest of your mission to your route to freedom. Ride and avoid the obstacles on the journey to not get caught by the police.  

There are tons of different levels to put your skills on the test. All you need to do is to hit the play button, tap to jump over obstacles with your bike and hold the bottom to duck. Also, the more obstacles you avoid, higher the scores. For extra points, hit the markers on the way.  

Challenge yourself in different levels, complete your mission without the police catching you and get your high scores. As you play and progress through the game, new vehicles are available for you to unlock. Ride and escape the police, avoid obstacles and complete your mission to get your freedom with this game.  

So, download the game now on App Store to ride, escape the police, and get to your freedom! 

Official Website: Bike Bandit  

App Store Download Link: Bike Bandit