Qualcomm is Developing Snapdragon 695 and 695G

Based on reports, the American chipmaker, Qualcomm is working on a new Snapdragon model. The Snapdragon 6xx series is designated for low-cost smartphones and its new model, the Snapdragon 695/695G or the SM6375 could bring performance to the next model. As usual, these will be octa-core chipsets with four Gold cores and four Silver cores each. The Gold cores operate between 2.1GHz and 2.5GHz, while the Silver cores are between 1.8GHz and 2.2GHz. Depending on the model, the GPU will be clocked at 800 or 960MHz. These chipsets can support up to 144Hz refresh rate, which ensures more fluid gaming and navigation, if the smartphone has a display with high refresh rate.

We also heard that Qualcomm is developing the Snapdragon SM6225, which could be the next base model for 6xx series. At the moment, we still don’t know about the actual specs, but it could be quite similar in performance with the Snapdragon 765. We could expect that the SM6225 will be an octa-core chipset with built-in 5G modem. The SM6225 was tested with lower mid-end configuration with FHD display, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage with UFS 2.2 technology. Apparently, it could support 90Hz refresh rate or higher. If the information is accurate, the SM6225 will be a direct replacement for the Snapdragon 665 or the SM6125.

As usual, TSMC will be the manufacturer of both chipset models, but it is not yet known what process node that the foundry will use. It is possible that these chipsets will be available later this year, but only if the shortage of chips won’t interfere with the release schedule. We also know that Qualcomm is preparing its next flagship chipset, the successor of the Snapdragon 888. It is possible that the next chipset will be named Snapdragon 898 and it will have much more powerful GPU. At the moment, it is confirmed that the Lenovo Legion 3 Pro will have Qualcomm’s next high-performance chipset. The codename for the new chipset will be the SM8450 and this information comes from Chen Jin, a senior official from Lenovo China. It is not often to hear such confirmation from an executive from popular tech company and this gives the report a good amount of credibility.

Without doubt, the Snapdragon 898 will deliver much better improvement in computing and graphics performance, compared to the current Snapdragon 888. It is said that the Adreno 730 will be the GPU module for the Snapdragon 898 chipset. If we judge by its name, the new Adreno GPU is the next generation technology, compared to the Adreno 660 for the Snapdragon 888. It is interesting to know how much performance boost we can get. We also hear that the Snapdragon 898 will have Kryo 780 cores with ARM Cortex V9 architecture. It will be consisted of a powerful Cortex-X2 core, three medium performance Cortex-A710 cores and four efficient Cortex-A510 cores. In recent months, Qualcomm has struggles to produce enough Snapdragon 888, due to the shortage of chips.