uMore – Your Mental Health Companion for Managing Your Well-Being  

Therapy with a professional is a huge help in managing your mental health but arming yourself with tools to confront it on your own can be empowering in between sessions. Because of that, we looked and we found one mental health companion app for managing and improving your mental well-being. So, read more about uMore.  

What is uMore? 

UMore is a reliable mental health monitoring app that is developed for IOS users. Learn more about your mental well-being with this mental health companion to help you manage better your mental health. Understand what you feel, track your mood, stress, anxiety and depression, recognize patterns, get custom insights, and take control on you well-being journey with this app.   

Why Do We Love It? 

This mental health companion app offers variety of features for managing and improving your mental health. Get instant assesment of your emotional health and discover what to do next. Just fill a 14-item questionnaire to measure your self-reported level of stress, anxiety and depression.  

See how your scores change over time and understand your triggers, patterns, and mental well-being. Also, check in daily with the app and track your mood by day, week, and month. It offers a mood log feature to analyze your mods and see what triggers good and bad days. Feel more in control and make improvements to your mental health with the help of this app.  

You will get custom insights, actionable tools, and tailor-made exercises by medical researchers that offer self-help techniques from CBT, mindfulness, meditation, sleep hygiene, relaxation, breathing and positive psychology. All content available on this app is designed to improve your well-being and help you self-manage your behaviour better. Recognize, understand and manage your mental health.  

Download the app now on App Store to understand your mental health to make you progress! 

Official Website: uMore  

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