Word Brain Master – The IQ Booster and Vocabulary Builder Word Game  

Training your brain and boosting your IQ can be a fun experience with the right puzzle game on your smartphone. There are tons of this kind of puzzle games for you to do that. We looked and we found one epic IQ booster and vocabulary builder word game to train your brain and enhance your vocabulary. Read more about Word Brain Master.  

What is Word Brain Master? 

Word Brain Master is an IQ booster and vocabulary builder word game that is developed for Android users and soon for IOS users too. It will put your English word search skills on the test and give your brain an exciting training experience. Polish your word solving skills, connect the letters to make words, and solve the trivia word puzzles.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This IQ booster and vocabulary builder word game has an immersive gameplay, stunning graphics and simple game controls for you to enjoy while testing your word solving skills. A new set of words is available in every level. Just swipe on the screen, connect the letters, and make words.  

It features hundreds of cool trivia word levels. You get to choose a relevant word search category and make words. There are hints available if you get stuck in a difficult level. Swipe words in any direction to make words.  

This game is challenging for your brain and will help you build your vocabulary with hundreds of word puzzle levels from multiple word trivia categories. The more puzzles you solve, the harder it becomes. Enhance your vocabulary and train your brain with this epic word puzzle game. 

Download the game now on Google Play to train your brain and enhance your vocabulary! 

Google Play Download Link: Word Brain Master