What Storage Size to Choose for Your Brand-New iPhone 13?

It’s a good thing that Apple is no longer being stingy when it comes to storage size. But the 256GB version of iPhone 12 is still $150 more expensive than the 64GB version. The big question is whether you need to invest extra money for more storage space. Many consider that 128GB is a sweet spot, because it’s only $50 more expensive than the 64GB version. But, is it true? The iPhone 13 series has taken it to the next level. The iPhone 13 mini and the basic version of iPhone 13 have up to 512GB of internal storage. On the other hand, the Pro and Pro Max version offer up to 1TB of internal storage. These are appealing propositions and may make us reconsider whether the 128GB storage is still adequate.

the iphone 13

In the end, it all depends on your personal usages and preferences. Most of the time, 128GB is enough if you do casual mobile tasks, such as managing email, browsing the web, updating social media status and playing games. There should also be enough space to store photos and videos. You can easily fit thousands of songs in 128GB storage, if you are an audiophile. During long distance flights, you can easily put 10 movies at 1080p resolution inside a 128GB iPhone 13 and you still have plenty of space.

You may consider getting a 256GB iPhone 13, if you regularly shoot videos and you travel a lot. If you are really into social media and instant messaging, the apps will download videos as you view them. Unless you regularly delete those videos, you do need a 256GB storage. If you plan to binge watch on favourite TV shows during long trips, 256GB storage should last you for a complete duration of the vacation. The 256GB storage also starts giving you an opportunity to take advantage of the 4k video recording abilities.

The 512GB iPhone 13 is more appropriate if you have professional intentions. Social media influencers and YouTubers who store plenty of raw footage. The iPhone is a good editing device, if you want to upload videos on the go to YouTube or other social media platforms. It should be perfectly adequate for recording multiple 4k videos at 30fps. It would look good for your YouTube channel or social media marketing efforts if you upload clear, high resolution videos. If you still run out of space, you can upload the footage to cloud storage.

The 1TB iPhone 13 feels like having a full-sized hard drive or SSD in our smartphone. For casual or many professional users, such storage can be considered as excessive. However, for diehard YouTubers how insist on recording high resolution videos whenever they have the chance, this option is a must. If you are earning good amount of money from social media marketing and YouTube ads, the 1TB iPhone 13 is definitely a decent investment. You could put everything inside your iPhone 13, especially if you consider a laptop is too bulky for your highly mobile operations.