Mind Side Revolutionizes the Stress Relief Apps Category with Unique Breathing Techniques and Meditation Games

If you ever used mental health apps, you probably know what you can expect from an app in that category. From guided meditation to relaxing nature sounds, the mental health apps usually offer the same features. However, today we will cover a new app that offers the usual features you can find in the meditation and sleep sounds apps, but enhanced with unique breathing training, meditation games, negative thoughts games and more!

What is Mind Side

Mind Side is a revolutionary health & fitness app for Android (soon it will be published on iOS too) that besides the usual relaxing sounds, breathing and meditation tools, includes evidence-based and proven stress management and relaxation techniques!

Breathing Exercises, Cosmic Meditation and More

Once you open the app, you can choose to use techniques and games from the multiple categories. Draw your breathing is a game that mixes mindfulness meditation, drawing and biofeedback. On the other hand there is a collection of sounds and music if you want to create your own relaxing ambiance for sleep and mediation in the section Sound Therapy.

There is also the box breathing section where you can try this unique breathing technique for relaxation and stress management. And in the moments of severe stress and negative thoughts, you can play the “Left Vs Right” brain game. We also loved the extra meditative game in the Cosmic Meditation section which uses EMDR technique for relaxation.

At the end of the day, Mind Side is a new approach that can really help you combat stress, anxiety, negative emotions and sleep better. Try it for free and we hope it will be of immense help.