FortKnoxster – The Messaging App to Communicate Privately and Securely  

If you are looking to enjoy a more safe and secure communication experience with people without spending money on calls and messages, there are apps to offer that. We looked and we found one communication app for you to enjoy a private and secure communication experience worldwide, free of charge. So, read more about FortKnoxster.  

What is FortKnoxster? 

FortKnoxster is a free communication app developed for IOS users. Easy to use and user-friendly, the app is for you to communicate privately and securely. It only uses your Internet connection, no call charges. Chat and call your loved ones from anywhere in the world, without any charges, completely for free. The app protects your online privacy by encrypting all your communication and data.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This chat app offers variety of features for secure and private communication. It includes a group chat as well as invite-only mail. Communicate securely by invitation only. Enjoy voice and video calls with your friends, family, colleagues, and partners worldwide.  

Share your screen privately and share files securely including photos, videos, and voice messages. It offers an end-to-end encryption on all the features too. Also, maximum safety and privacy is offered on this app. It’s operating on zero knowledge principle, no one has access to your personal information.  

Furthermore, with a decentralized cloud storage and blockchain technology for decentralized trust of digital identities, this app encrypts all your data and communication. Get push notifications when you have new messages and enjoy the feature of self-destruct messages as well with this app. 

Exciting Update

Here at iPhoneglance we were informed by the developers about FortKnoxster’s huge upcomming update that will include non-custodial wallet for digital assets which will give users the ability to store, and manage crypto.  

So, download the app now on App Store to enjoy complete private and secure communication, and don’t miss the upcoming update with tons of handy crypto features! 

Official Website: FortKnoxster  

App Store Download Link: FortKnoxster