What are the study tips for Class 10 Hindi from NCERT solutions?

Class 10 is one of the two very crucial stages in a student’s educational path. Students in Class 10 appear in Board Exams for the first time and the results further help in deciding the subject streams they get to study in Classes 11 and 12. Hence, scoring well in the Board Exams is very important for students in Class 10.

While it is our National Language and a mother tongue for many students, Hindi also plays a significant role as a subject. In the majority of schools, the Hindi language is taught as a compulsory subject at least till Class 10. So, achieving good scores in this subject is equally important since it affects the final results as well.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has always been ahead in publishing books that are considered as the best resource for students in Classes 1 to 12. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) prescribes NCERT books since these books have been published according to the latest syllabus and curriculum provided by CBSE. Hence, students are always advised to refer only to NCERT Books when preparing for their Class 10 Board Exams.

When preparing for your Class 10 Hindi exams from NCERT Books, another helpful tip is to refer to NCERT Solutions. After each chapter you study in the NCERT Books, questions and exercises are provided for students to assess and revise what they have learned in the chapter. These questions are important as they have a very high probability of being asked in the Class 10 Hindi Board exam.

However, questions provided by NCERT are often complicated and pose difficulty in understanding for some students. This is where you can get help from NCERT Solutions. Referring to NCERT Solutions will not only help you answer the questions but also provide you with an enhanced understanding of the concepts. They also enable students to grasp the appropriate manner of writing answers that are to the point, well-explained, presentable, and worth the marks.

Here are some tips for studying from NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi to help students prepare for their exam in the most productive and efficient way:

  • Know your syllabus
    The NCERT book is published according to the latest CBSE Syllabus, and the NCERT Solutions are designed to cover all the topics as well. However, there are changes made every year where certain chapters are excluded from the syllabus by CBSE but these chapters are still a part of the books and available in the NCERT Solutions. Hence, students should make sure they prepare from the NCERT Solutions, only the chapters that are a part of the syllabus or they may end up wasting their time on irrelevant chapters.

  • Read all Chapters
    Before you attempt answering the NCERT questions and solutions, make sure to have a thorough reading of all chapters that are a part of the syllabus for Class 10 Hindi. Without knowing what the chapters are about, you will not be able to answer any questions that are based on the chapters available in the NCERT Solutions or in your Hindi exam.

  • Avoid reading summaries
    Often students read summaries of the chapters instead of the actual chapter to save time. Summaries only provide you with a gist of the chapter and incomplete information. Students who refer to the summary of the chapters end up losing marks when questions in the exams are based upon small details that can only be known if you read the chapter thoroughly.

  • Make Notes
    When referring to NCERT Solutions, making notes can be very useful for students during their revision. You can make notes of important details like the names of the characters, places, etc. to remember them well. You can also make a list of all the poets and authors in order to memorize them as questions about recognizing the writers can be asked in the exam.

  • Attempt all questions
    NCERT Solutions cover all the questions that are provided in the NCERT. Students should make sure to attempt all these questions and take help of the NCERT Solutions in case of any difficulty. It is important to do so since any questions can be asked in the exam and ignoring them can cost you marks.

  • Practice writing
    Writing answers that explain in detail exactly what has been asked in the question is also a skill students need to learn. Answers in your board exams need to be descriptive and accurate to get the maximum marks possible. Students need to adhere to the word limit while explaining everything that is required. Hence, practicing how to write such presentable and precise answers is a very helpful tip that students can use before their Class 10 Hindi Exam.

  • Look for Important Questions
    NCERT Solutions are also available with important questions to know while preparing for the exam. Being aware of the important questions for each chapter can help students have an advantage during their preparation. These questions have a higher possibility of being asked in the exams and hence, can help students score better.
  • Extra Practice
    Collect and solve sample papers and question papers from previous years. This will help you assess your preparation for the main exam. Students will be able to know about their weaknesses and put extra focus and practice in the particular areas of the syllabus. Make sure to solve a few papers according to the duration of the main exam so you can know your speed and make adjustments if required.

  • Correct your mistakes
    After attempting the NCERT questions, sample papers, and question papers from previous years, check your answers yourself using the answer keys or take help from your teacher/parents. Make sure you realize and rectify your mistakes. This will help avoid repeating such mistakes in your Class 10 Hindi exam.

Following these simple and helpful study tips will not only be useful for your Hindi exam but also for all other subjects. Make sure to put in the appropriate time and practice!