English Premier League Live Live Gives You Relevant and Updated News, Scores, Fixtures, Player Info About Any Premier League Team

The English Premier League is one of the best football leagues in the world. If you are a football fan there is a big chance you are following it and playing the EPL fantasy league. Read on, today we will talk about English Premier League Live, one of the best new apps to follow English football scores, results, stats, news and more.

Basic Info

English Premier League Live is an iOS sports app focused towards the English Premier League and allows you to see fixtures, results, standings, news, squads, player stats and more. It is a free app made for English premier league football fans.

Stats, Fixtures, News and More

Once you install the app, you can select your favorite teams. Then the app will show you news, stats, and anything relevant to the selected teams, and for the league in general. You can see statements, interviews, squad info, player info (with details such as goals, assists, injury updates, yellow/red cards, appearances), standings, live results, fixtures and more! This means that you can also use the app as your EPL fantasy league companion app to make the best decisions regarding your squad selection.

The app is might in a lightweight manner with intuitive UI that is enjoyable to use. Actually, this is one of the smoothest and easiest to use football apps we used in a long-time. That’s why if you are looking for an informative app for the EPL, this is one of your best choices. It is completely free to use.