Stych App – The Entertainment App to Create Chronological Videos of Best Life Moments  

There are tons of apps for smartphone users that like to create and edit videos with their best memories. However, if you want to create a chronological video of your best moments in life, there are apps for you to do that with ease. We looked and we found one app that you need to try. Read more about Stych App.  

What is Stych App? 

Stych App is an entertainment app that is developed for Android users and soon available for IOS users too. It gives you the ability to create a single chronological video file of all your life’s most important moment. Just tap on record and stop as the moments come up or upload previously recorded videos. The app handles syncing the files chronologically and streams it to your device as one navigable file.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This entertainment app offers all features you need to create chronological videos of important life moments. It uses streaming technology so there is no annoying buffering during playback. All your important moments are captured in a single file that can be built up whenever you want.  

You can record or upload previously recorded videos to create a life file. With this app you can create multiple life and transfer copies of the life files to other users. Also, the app allows you to delete unwanted clips from your life file with ease.  

This app will soon offer more features such as downloading your life file and own it forever. You will be able to co-create life files with your partner or group of friends with the memories you share. And the app will allow you to share clips to social networks too.  

Download the app now on Google Play to create chronological videos of your best moments in life! 

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