Castlepoint for Android is a New Action Real Time Strategy Inspired by Chess & Old-Style Strategy Games

Castlepoint is an android RTS game

We live in a golden age of mobile strategy, whether in terms of the remasters of classics, or inventing new stories and styles. Today we will cover a new game that is built with chess and old-style strategies in mind. We are talking about Castlepoint.

General Introduction Castlepoint

Castlepoint is a new Android strategy game in which you need to create a group of heroes and attack enemy areas while also defending your area. Currently, it supports a 1vs1 real-time action strategy with 2vs2 and multiplayer strategy game modes soon to be published.

How to Play and Features

Once you install Castlepoint you need to select an Era (there are multiple eras available). Then a 1vs1 game against AI starts and you can choose heroes to attack and defend. The goal of the game is to get at least 5 heroes to the enemy’s area without allowing 5 heroes to get in your area.

You can choose from 15 heroes all offering different stats and skills. You select them with simple taps. The game is medieval-themed, hence the title, and also has different game modes.

So, if you are interested in real-time strategy games with medieval, 2D, and retro-inspired gameplay, you are sure to love Castlepoint. It’s lightweight, fun, and competitive. Play it completely free (also available offline), with optional in-app purchases and ad-viewing.