Treasure Card – The Educational Allowance and Chore App to Teach Kids about Money  

Teaching kids about the importance of money is a great way to raise money smart kids. Kids that will know how to spend, save, give, and invest properly. With the right tool on your phone, you can teach your kids the basics of personal finances and raise them to appreciate money better. That’s why we looked and we found the app that offers this and much more. So, read more about Treasure Card.  

What is Treasure Card? 

Treasure Card is the educational chore and allowance app that is developed for IOS users. It’s designed as a chore manager and allowance tracker to teach kids about money. It allows organizing chores and it will reward the kid by increasing their allowance on their kids’ debit card acting as a virtual piggy back. Raise money smart kids with this money tracker, manager, and educational tool, all in one app.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This educational allowance and chore app offers more than just a chores and allowance tracker for your kids. It can teach kids the best personal financial practices. Kids get to learn through a fun and engaging way about saving, spending, giving and investing in a smart way from a young age.  

To develop a sense of belonging, kids can learn about giving and contribute to causes they find important. The simple allowance tracker lets kid get creative with their allowance and rewards to motivate them. To encourage strong work ethic, let your kid make money by completing chores with this chores tracker and chores manager that offers simple household chores system.  

With the free debit card kids get a sense of ownership and the bank card app lets them do the tracking, reviewing and learning from their spending habits. Also, the kids get to invest and learn how to watch out on their spending and savings. This all-in-one app serves as a money tracker and manager, educational tool to learn financial basics, build healthy spending habits, teaching kids empathy and compassion.  

So, download the app now on App Store to teach your kids about money in a fun and engaging way! 

App Store Download Link: Treasure Card