How To Keep Your Apple Devices Sleek And Chic

Alushta, Russia - November 19, 2016: Woman hand holding iPhone 7 and cleaning it. iPhone 7 Jet Black was created and developed by the Apple inc.

Owning an Apple device can provide plenty of convenience in your hands. Apart from doing everything quickly and seamlessly, you can also feel sophisticated as they have a classy and elegant look. With that, you want to ensure that they look at their best, especially that they don’t come at a low price.

Since an Apple device can be quite costly, it’s necessary to allow it to look sleek and chic all the time. In this way, you can fully enjoy its appearance while you take advantage of the technology it brings to your hands.

Moreover, listed below are the ways on how you can keep your Apple devices sleek and chick: 

NOVA BANA, SLOVAKIA – NOV 12, 2019: New Apple Watch Series 5 and iPhone 11 Pro smartphone on desk.

1. Purchase A Quality Case

One of the easiest and best ways to protect your Apple device is by covering it with a protective and quality case. This way, you can save your devices from any physical harm such as dents and scratches.

Apart from looking for cases that can shield your phone’s exterior, you might also want to consider looking for cool iPhone cases. This way, you can allow yourself to enjoy its beauty without risking its life. It’ll be a great accessory to your phone and enable you to match your outfit with your case.

2. Always Wipe After Use

For your iPad, MacBook, and Mac devices, you should always wipe them with a microfiber cloth after every use. This will help remove any fingerprints and smudges away while also keeping your screens polished and bright as much as possible. While dirt may not severely damage your Apple device, it can block out any air vents, contributing to a heated device.

Ideally, you should always pack a microfiber cloth with you wherever you go. It’ll be a great routine to keep your screens neat and smudge-free. Moreover, they’re cheap, so they won’t burn your pockets.

3. Install Screen Protector

For your touchscreen devices such as your tablet and phones, you should consider installing screen protectors that can protect your screen from any damages. This way, you can keep up with the quality of your Apple devices, especially that screen replacements can be costly, depending on the screen material it uses.

With a screen protector, it can shield your phone from cracks and scratches, which can ruin the appearance of your phone. Ideally, you should purchase high-quality materials to ensure maximum safety for your phone.

For best results, it’d be great if you could buy your screen protector and case from Pixels or other similar companies to ensure they fit perfectly with each other.

4. Purchase A Case

For most of your Apple devices, it’d be best if you purchase a case that can provide maximum protection for the entire exterior wherever you may go. If you plan to travel with your Apple device, placing them inside a protective case will ensure their safety and appearance.

With a case, you can prevent your device from getting scratches from the other things inside your bag. Moreover, you can ensure that they’re tucked inside your bag, putting you at ease about damaging their physical appearance. Additionally, you can prevent small objects from getting inside the charging port, affecting its usability.

5. Place Them In A Regulated Temperature

Your Apple device might not be able to survive if you choose to store them inside an extremely hot or cold temperature. Even if you don’t plan on turning them on inside, it might cause your device to overheat, which could damage its quality. Moreover, when your device reaches an extremely high temperature, it might cause the device to blow up.

Ideally, you should store your device at a regulated temperature. For your laptops, it’d be best if you could provide enough elevation to promote proper ventilation, keeping them from overheating.

6. Be Careful Of Your Surroundings

While it might be enjoyable to eat and drink beside your laptop as you do your work, you might be harming your device from food spills, which could ruin its quality. Apart from risking your device from severe damages, it can also affect its appearance by leaving them with a permanent stain.

To ensure that you keep your Apple devices in their best condition, you should avoid eating or drinking near them. However, if you need to drink to hydrate yourself while you work constantly, you should use an insulated tumbler that’s spill-proof. This way, you can fulfill your hydration needs without putting your device at risk.


Keeping your Apple devices in their best condition isn’t as easy as it looks. Apart from providing proper care, you shouldn’t forget to add protective cases and screen protectors to guarantee overall safety. Moreover, the way you handle and store them can also affect their quality and appearance. With proper care, you can allow your device to look new as if it’s the first day you had them.