GoJoe – The Social Fitness Platform for Team-Based Challenges 

Fitness apps are one of the most popular apps used nowadays among smartphone users because they make it easier for people to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle. But if you are looking for something a bit different, a fitness app for you to turn daily fitness into a friendly team-based competition, we looked and we found an app for you to try. Read more about GoJoe.  

What is GoJoe? 

GoJoe is a social fitness platform that is developed for IOS users. With this app you get the chance to turn the boring everyday fitness into team-based friendly competition. Create team-based challenges with or against people, complete across distance-based challenges and test your skills and endurance. Join a team and crush fitness together using this app.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This social fitness platform offers features that will make every day exercise more meaningful by having results that count toward your team challenges. Corporates, schools, or charities can run private multi-team challenges on the app. Sync a Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch or manually add activities.  

Join a team and be a part of challenges with or against people you know. Compete across runs, walks, cycles, or swims, and more. Set a challenge and do your exercises on your own, in your spare time. The results will sync to the app from your devices or can be manually added.  

Soon, the next app’s update will offer an in-app GPS tracker, an in-app chat to DM users, and share content with your team or to challenge participants. Also, you will be able to follow other users including verified athletes, celebrities and influences and join suggested challenges with the community. 

Download the app now on App Store to be a part of team-based fitness challenges! 

Official Website: GoJoe  

App Store Download Link: GoJoe