Magical Hands 3D – The Super Fun Magic Hand 3D Game to Pass the Time  

There are tons of games available for smartphone to enjoy whenever you want to pass the time. If you are looking for something more exciting and adventurous to play in your free time, we looked and we found one exciting magic hand 3D game full of challenges and adventures for you to try. Read more about Magical Hands 3D.  

What is Magical Hands 3D? 

Magical Hands 3D is super fun magic hand 3D game that will soon be available for IOS users. With high-quality 3D design and super sound effects, this game allows you to control elements like fire or water and throw them at your enemies. Defeat enemies with your magical powers, show your strength, kill, freeze, and destroy. Become a master of magic and make sure no one can get past your hands.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This magic hand 3D game offers variety of features to enjoy. There are tons of levels with hundreds of 3D targets with smooth magic touch with finger of the powers. It offers online and offline mode to develop your skills, play at any time without an Internet connection.  

The game is designed for all ages, for players to train and use their mind with hands, relaxing techniques, and enhancement of powers at various levels. Each level varies in difficulty and has different 3D obstacles to pass in order to unlock new characters. Show off your throwing skills in different challenges and learn new magic. To play just tap to start when you see green magic hands. 

Choose magic elements to destroy your enemies, and use the power of magic to throw on your enemies to defeat them. When you destroy an enemy, the level will be completed and you will get cash with clapping. Control your magic powers, learn new magic attacks, and master this magic game. Enjoy unlimited superpowers, survive the attacks, and destroy all the enemies on your way.  

Download the game now on Google Play to destroy your enemies with your magical hands! 

Google Play Download Link: Magical Hands 3D