Turn your Memories into Movies with the My Wow App

Your iPhone has probably become the number one way to take pictures and record videos. They have easily replaced the standard camera and that’s because it’s impossible to walk around with a thousand dollar camera hoping to get some great shots. Your iPhone is readily available and quite easy to capture some special moments. Special moments you will want to cherish for a long time and share in a unique way. This is where the My Wow: Event Video Maker app for iPhone comes in.

My Wow allows you to turn those memories of your photos and videos into movies that you can share with friends and loved ones. You can organise all those photos and videos into one movie that will be sure to excite your family.

When you’re on holiday with your family, there are times when people will be doing their own thing and taking their own photos so they can recall the great time they have. Sometimes you will miss those photos and it would be months before you see them. All those memories of an eventful time away with all your family can be done by creating groups in the My Wow app. Start the group and simply invite all your friends to add their photos or videos from the holiday. The app will put together all the media and create a video that will last a lifetime. You and the people you invite are able to add a different soundtrack from their library of music or import their own tunes.

My Wow: Event Video Maker is the only mobile movie editing app designed specifically with easy sharing and social media in mind. The developers have put a lot of thought into making sure your memories last in a special way.

“You can efficiently organize all of it and make a cool, professional-looking video in just minutes.  All your memories can be easily shared with friends and family, and best of all – shared events can effortlessly be turned into shared video reels to enjoy for years to come.”

My Wow: Event Video Maker is free to use but you are limited in the number of videos you can make. However, for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year, you can get the premium version. With premium, you will be able to share unlimited pictures and videos, remove watermarks, remove ads, access a catalogue of music and remove the outro logo.

Download the app today and give it a try.