Monkey Climbing Simulator is a New Ultra-Fun Climbing Game

Fan of the mountain and rock climbing genre? Well, today we will speak about a new original rock climbing game by the renowned Android developer’s – Silly Code. We are talking about Monkey Climbing Simulator.

What is Monkey Climbing Simulator

It is a new monkey climbing game in which you play with the droid monkey that can only climb with his hands. The goal of this climbing simulator is to get to the top where the monkey collects and eats a banana.

Monkey Climbing Simulator Features and Challenges

The arcade climbing game is level-based and occurs in semi-realistic environments with cliffs, mountain, and rock climbing simulations. You control the monkey with two hands and you can push upward and release to grab a rock or platform or pull downwards to contract arm muscle and pull yourself up with that hand.

The tricky part is when you miss and the monkey doesn’t have any surface to hold on to. That is when you lose the game. Additionally, in the later levels, some extra challenges will make things hard for you such as the slippery icy rocks, breaking rocks, moving objects, and rising water. There you need to be cautious and make smart moves with the monkey robot.

Play the Monkey Climbing Game Offline

We also loved the fact that Monkey Climbing Simulator is available to play offline. With its great graphics, fun gameplay, and optimally challenging climbing levels, you are sure to have fun wherever you play it. The game is completely free, there are no purchases or subscriptions, or intrusive ads. It’s just you, the robot monkey, and the fun climbing challenges.

So, if you are looking for a new free climbing game, make sure to try this monkey climbing game. Currently, it’s available for Android, but an iOS release is planned for the future.