EBT – The AI-Driven Football Training App with Drills and Sessions  

There are tons of sports apps available for many different purposes nowadays. However, if you are a football player looking to improve your game and get yourself a personalized guidance and tracking for more effective training and better performance, we looked and we found the app that you need to try. So, read more about EBT. 

What is EBT? 

EBT is an AI-driven football training app that is developed for IOS users. It gives you attribute specific drills and position-specific sessions to train and improve your game. Stay motivated with the app’s innovative scoring system for tracking your performance with getting instant AI feedback, drill scheduler, and progression tracking. Get stronger and train with the app to become the best player.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This AI-driven football training app will do the hard work for you while you can focus on being the best player. It gives you football training drills by expert football coaches, with new drills added weekly for maximum result. Each drill includes set up information, video tutorial, and coaching points. The catalogue of drills makes it easy for finding the perfect drill. 

The filtering system helps you narrow down the options that suit your physical and technical needs. Train with the tracking system and measure your performance of every drill. Measure your training in real time to quantify your performance and compare results to a database of professional player scores to see your level. Also, get guidance of internationally renewed coaches with over 60 drills into sessions specific to your position.  

New sessions are being weekly added. Receive immediate feedback after you complete each session to understand better your performance level. Use the progression log to stay motivated, track scores, and see how you are improving. The AI system monitors yours drills and you will get recommendation of drills you need to work on. Stay motivated, track your progress, and improve your game.  

Download the app now on App Store to stay motivated, track your progress, and improve your game! 

Official Website: EBT  

App Store Download Link: EBT