Gutsy Cash – The Risky and Goofy Cartoon Cash Collecting Game 

There are tons of cash games available for smartphones. If you are looking for a cash simulation game where you get to put your skills on the test to try and win a great amount of cash, there are games that offers this kind of experience. We looked and we found one super fun and goofy cartoon-themed cash collecting game for you to try. Read more about Gutsy Cash.  

What is Gutsy Cash? 

Gutsy Cash is a risky and goofy cartoon cash collecting game that is developed for IOS users. Easy and super fun to play with user-friendly interface, this game has a fantastic design and cool sounds to enjoy. You will need to put a specified amount of in-game currency on the line to win or lose. Play as Gutsy and beat your opponent Pesky to become the Gutsy Cash King. 

Why Do We Love It? 

This cash collecting game with its gameplay and features will get you hooked on your first try. It offers 3 game modes to test your skills. In Gutsy Cash mode you have to collect as many points as you can within 5 rounds to score a bigger number than Pesky to win the game. Don’t surpass the Ghost number.  

The Gutsy Lottery mode requires from you to pay an entry fee for a chance to win 10.000.000 Gutsy cash. The lottery numbers in this mode range from 1-100. The Pesky Cash mode is a 3 out of 5 matches against Pesky to win 5x the amount you’ve put on line. Just score a number higher than Pesky in this mode. The numbers auto-generated 1-10.  

It’s a vibrant and cartoony cash game with tons of challenges and fun. Play and compete, climbing the leaderboard that ranks the richest players in this goofy game. Score higher than Pesky and win the match, collecting your cash and becoming the Gutsy Cash King of this super fun and exciting cash collecting game. 

Download the game now on App Store to beat Pesky and collect your cash! 

Official Website: Gutsy Cash  

App Store Download Link: Gutsy Cash