Monoline – Your Personal Micro Journal

Journal apps are great for people that want a quick and convenient way to log important thoughts or to just express themselves and write down their thoughts. Because tons of these apps are available, we looked and we found one app that is designed to be your personal micro journal, for you to send messages to yourself. So, read more about Monoline.  

What is Monoline? 

Monoline is a simple and yet powerful personal micro journal that is developed for IOS users. Its’ easy to use with clean intuitive interface, designed for you to send messages to yourself. Write down your thoughts and express your mind, having all your personal messages in one place with this self-journal. It has a search and hash-tagging system for you to keep your messages and notes organized.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This personal micro journal offers variety of features for you to freely and quickly express yourself whenever you want. You can write down your thoughts, sync automatically between devices on different platforms in-real time. It’s easy to share a link, a file, or a piece of code.  

This app is designed as a free messenger app but only for sending messages from yourself to yourself. It’s simple and intuitive, allowing you to focus on taking notes without worrying about title or category, font or formatting.  

Don’t’ worry about sending your notes to the wrong person, the app is completely private with secure and encrypted communication between your devices and the app’s servers. The messages on the app are easily searchable, you can add hashtags and organize messages as you want. Use special hashtags to filter uploaded files, links, or pieces of code too with this app.  

Download the app now on App Store to write down your thoughts and express yourself! 

Official Website: Monoline  

Web Link: Monoline  

App Store Download Link: Monoline