Dr. Disk – The Reliable Disk Usage Analyzer and Storage Cleaner 

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It is a good idea to brush up your smartphone from time to time. That’s where storage cleaner apps come in to boost your device’s performance, optimize, and organize storage. Because of that, we looked and we found one disk usage analyzer and storage cleaner for you to do this and much more. Read more about Dr. Disk.  

What is Dr. Disk? 

Dr. Disk is a reliable disk usage analyzer and storage cleaner that is developed for Android users. Find and delete duplicate files, old and large files on your phone. Clean your device and organize storage and free up disk space. Check your internal or internal storage, SD card, USB devices and all kinds of files with this app. Optimize and organize storage and improve the performance of your device.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This disk usage analyzer and storage space cleaner offers variety of features. Analyze your SD card, external storage and USB devices to manage your storage well. Find and delete big files, large files, and files that haven’t been changed in a long time. Find apps to see how much storage they take too.  

Open the files in external apps, find and delete duplicate files. You can navigate in dark mode too and enjoy a fast performance with this app. Perform detailed research of your disk space with the app’s filters by size, date, video/audio/image files, and search for all types of files.  

Optimize your storage and make extra space for storing. You will feel the difference on your device by using this app, organize, manage, and clean to improve the performance. Free up space and clean your device with a few taps on this app.  

Download the app now on Google Play to clean and organize the storage on your device! 

Google Play Download Link: Dr. Disk  

Developer: Lagerweij App Design